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I have a company by the name of INHD FILMS that I hired to shoot my movie. Well after he breached the contract by leaking the film on youtube we fired him. Among other things like bad lighting, no filters used, trying to scam us out of money, using no lens on set, etc. Now he has use our movie footage and placed it in his name and changed the name of the film. He said hes going to put it out for the public to see but he only has 15% of the film which he has shot. We bought the footage...

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In June 2014, CNN aired a shocking undercover investigation of a North Carolina chicken factory farm called Prince Poultry that supplied to international corporate giant Pilgrim’s Corp. The video, shot by an undercover investigator with national animal protection group Compassion Over Killing, revealed horrifying abuses of hundreds of thousands of birds. Most outrageously, unwanted birds at Prince Poultry were often buried alive—dumped into mass outdoor graves by the hundreds, and left...

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I sold an outboard on ebay over two weeks ago. They have some policy of which they don't tell you abut until after the sale is made that they hold your money for 21 days. Needless to say I wouldn't be here if they had released my money so people beware, do not use eBay to sell anything unless you are willing to wait weeks or in some cases months (read a story about them holding someone's money for six months) to receive it. Guess they have found a good way to make investments on your money...

I paid $9.95 for reseller hosting. They took 48 hours just to get my account turned on. Once it was turned on I couldn't log in to the WHM panel... the user ID & password would not work. They also sent me the wrong Name Server info and never did send me the correct name server info after I submitted support tickets requesting the proper Name Server info. They say they have data centers on their sales page in UK / US / NL but the server appears to be in India -...

I ordered reselling hosting from Scala Hosting / a few days ago. The first problem was I didn't immediately get my account cpanel details emailed to me. After waiting several hours I submitted a support ticket. They responded and sent this email; "In order to activate the order, we will need to verify it. Please provide a scanned copy or a picture of the drivers license or ID card of the PayPal account owner. Please note that your order will be activated once we receive...

I bought a used Alienware M14x that was less than a year old and within a few days of owning it I was forced to contact customer care because of dead pixels in the screen. I sent it in for repair and was told that they could not repair it so instead the computer would be replaced. After a long wait, I received a refurbished Alienware 14 as a replacement. This computer was in poor condition strait out of the box. It had a chip out of the metal cover of the lid. Seeing the condition of the...

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I hit a pot hole and needed a new rim. Was told the rim was no good and needed new one's. I bought 4 x rims and tyres ($700) off this so called ‘reputable’ business, and yes the rims and tyres were guaranteed to fit my car, and guess what!!! they didn't fit. I asked for a refund, and he asked me for 'you know what', I said 'NO WAY Eeeewwwww'. I sent a ‘Letter of Demand’ trying to get my hard earned money back to no avail. I never heard from this creep again. Now I’m stuck with...

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FRAUD BY BRAVOFLY !!!! AWEFULFLY IS A CHEATER !!!! I made a booking for ticket from HK to Singapore on 26/6 at 1200hrs. However, I wrongly booked my flight at 14:55hrs depart on 28/8 instead of he one at 11:05hrs on 28/8. I realized my mistake at once and tried to fix it immediately! I kept ringing Bravofly provided phone at 390423402040 for 8 times to amend my flights. But the phone no. was fake which you could never reach them as it hang up after 1 min every time your call was...

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There used to be a support forum at Article Friendly at but it has been shut down for the past 6 months. I have sent several support requests to and all requests have been ignored. This is nothing new. Jan Michaels has a history of ignoring support requests. If Mr. Michaels isn't going to support his customers he should stop selling Article Friendly and close his business

I was promised the use of the TE Browser as a Free member and when I contacted them to use the Browser I was told that I was not Grand Fathered in as promised by the owner Here is the email I was sent by the owner and the response by the support mgr. me this email. TE Browser 2/28/11 to me Hello Bruce, Today I launch the new version (2.0) of TEBrowser officially. With the new version I have also changed the site design and I will add some...

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