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I have delt with Chrome Accounting and not sure if this person really works there. She is very short tempered and has zero pattience. She must have allot of issues. Do not deal with this company or person. She seems to get very offened easily. I asked for someone else but she keeps on answering the phone. Anyway if you are looking for an accountant you have 100,000,000 options out there.Accounts are a dime a dozen just like resturants...

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Country : Canada

Don't bother using Kramer Accountancy Corporation in California for any services. Ron is condescending, arrogant and rude. He insults you over the phone and then hangs up. Try someone else who has people skills. Really, what a ***. Not recommended at all. He acts like a know-it-all and doesn't care about how he treats people. We're definitely going somewhere else for our tax services. It's amazing someone like this is even still in business. It must be terrible to be one of his...