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Purchased a used 1997 Toyota corolla for $3200 that required $1675.70 of repairs to make the car safe to drive. Toyota corolla purchased on May 28,2013, for $3200.00 Required: two front brake rotors $93.48 purchased 6/12/2013, two rear struts $144.95 purchased 6/18/13, two rear stabilizer links $47.98 purchased 6/25/13. Timing belt replaced,valve cover gasket, two fuel lines, fuel filter, two rear brake lines,and mechanic labor charge $1389.38 purchased 7/8/13.

Morisset Tyres on bridge street. they have very poor customer service, are rude and very unhelpful. I was quoted a job at $110 when I got the bill it was $170. when I asked about the price they look at me stupidly and said that's what it cost. I Said I wanted to take my business else and they were going to charge me to reverse the work. very poor business.

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I am an enraged customer of the Fast N' Clean car wash, located at 4881 Sinclair Rd, Columbus, OH 43229 My husband and I took our new Honda Pilot (have only owned for 3 days) to the Fast N' Clean car wash this afternoon at 12:05 p.m. We have been there before, but with my husband's truck. Long story short, after going through this car wash, we now have a damaged vehicle with paint missing down the entire passenger side, scratches running along side and dents on...

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Hello, my name is Erika McNally. I'm contacting you about a recent problem with a car dealership on the name Kia Salazar located in Avondale az. I bought my car 60 days ago through them, 3 days ago my car blew up on the side of the road on my way traveling to California. I was stranded alone and had to be brought to the nearest town by a driver who stopped for me and then had to be towed 180 miles back to the car dealership so they could look at my car and take care of the damage. I find out...

First day I was there I had a bad feeling. During a deal one of the workers started screaming at a couple that had their vehicle repossessed. It seemed totally uncalled for considering the couple that were being yelled at weren't being ridiculous at all. The female of the couple was crying but that was all. Nevertheless my husband insisted on purchasing the vehicle from them and we did. A few days after we purchased it broke down, and they did fix it so that was nice. However, just recently...

sold us a car and it broke down 5 days later. Warranty doesn't cover it, he refuses to do anything for us at all!!

Have you come across any complaints for Safe Harbor, the ignition lock service provider? I've never experienced such unbelievable disregard for customer service and crooked/shady business practices. This company will not disclose supervisors names, will not transfer you, will not allow you to speak, assess fees at will, assess bogus fees at will, threaten preposterous penalties, all while smirking, smiling and laughing. We have a story...

Ellis Transport Smyrna Ga. 30081 678-480-2282 678-324-1544 Ellis Transport hauled my car from Dallas Texas to Social Circle Ga. When I recieved the car the drivers door was damaged.It appears they were backing off the trailer with the door open and hit the trailer.I have an estimate for repair which is over $1100.00.The owner Richard Ellis will not pay,he is giving me a hard time.His insurance company say’s he has a $1000.00 deductable and they may pay the amount over $1000.00 and...

Was told by an auto repair shop one of my cylinders was going bad, i called by brother and told him, he told me to go to his friend Matt who owned city auto wreckes to look at it, took my 1999 ford contour to him on the 27/28th Sept, not sure which of those days. He told me it's your fuel pump, it's only reading 30lbs press., thats whats causing the rough ride, and engin light to be on. He said i needed to get that fixed ASAP or i will be stranded. i took the car i for repairs on Oct 5th,...

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this company works on and tows vehicles. They say they stand behind there work and do and garuntey the work, but when i had my truck worked on it was not done right and when i called to have it towed they would not answer the phone and when they did they still left me stranded on side of road. I finally had to call another towing company to come get my truck and work on it to get it running correctly. They still will not answer phone, the secretary decides on whos vehicles will be towed,...

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