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i brought my bike 10 yrs ago here. they offered me $2000.00 less kelly blue book price on a trade in.a $20.00 pair of gloves i brought are ripping/ bike was resently scratched during repairs.the owner andy did not want to acknowledge it, he totally avoided responsibility.he didn't even want to meet me halfway. THEY WILL NO LONGER EVER GET MY BUSINESS OR SERVICE.ANOTHER WOMAN I SPOKE WITH ALSO HAD A BAD EXPERIANCE WITH THEM,SHE FEELS THE SAME WAY.

I purchased a DF250RTA in July from that unscrupulous company. Since then, the motorcycle vibrates so hard that everyday something goes wrong with it. I have called their customer service and what they refer to as 'tech support' is a big joke. They never listen to you and when you tell them about the issues, they form their own opinion and you get no recourse. One employee even asked me if I did my research before purchasing and asked if I didn't know it was a Chinese made. How can...