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I visit a pet store. It smells bad. My dog and I walk to the back of the store and have to leave because of the stench. I was there less than 5 minutes. Wuen I left, some young fella yelled me out and screamed for me to pick up my dog shit when I visit. Well my dog didn't have time to poop in their store. Or I would've picked it up. She likes to poop outside. I was angry that he lied about my dog and me, do I went back in to get the poop they were talking about. They could not produce a poop. Nor was it on the fl0or.. I asked them to give me back my dog poop. They wouln't produce it. It sounds like a lie. I want to prove the poop they say they picked up was from my dog. They wouldn't produce it to me. I know my dog didn't poop in their store. They are lying. The wouldn't show me the poop. The would give me the poop. I can prove it's not my dogs poop. The they ground boy and a giant man and their wife ganged up on me to leave. The didn't let me walk out. The all were chasing me out. The girl kept hitting me. On my arm. I slapped her back. I walked all the way through the store backward, so the would jump me. The girl step out the door and slapped me again. I tried to slap her back and she jumped back inside the store. Wouldn't come out. Followed me to my car screaming insults at me and my dog. I revved up the motor to try to scare them
away. It didn't work.

What kind of place has 5 young thugs chasing an old lady, just because they can't and won't produce evidence that my dog pooped in their store?

Terrorizing older generation?

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