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Beware of doing business with Joe and/or Cara Manchel. They have a number of business names they go under. Their primary name is Amazing Sign Prices, a/k/a Manchel Wholesale Sign, a/k/a Wholesale Sign Builder, a/k/a Joe the Channel Letter Guy. They even claim to take in stray dogs through a site known as Forever Home. They show their address as Banks, Alabama but at least Joeseph is listed as living in Brundridge, Alabama 36010. Long and short is that we are a food bank in Arizona providing for Veterans, Seniors, Single Parents and Treatment Group Homes. We entered into a contract and ordered a sign on 21 JUN 2012. As of today 13 AUG 2012 we still do not have it. We gave these people $1,454.05 down payment and have over 20 e-mails and 20 plus phone calls and still no sign and no date for completion. Our last promised shipping date was 09 AUG 2012. Lots and lots of excuses, false promises, questionable proofs of ongoing production (which just came today) and now they want to ship some metal cans they have hastily put together (not even all of the sign cans ordered) without any of the other parts, LED lights, plastic faces, trims, power supply. These other parts should also be installed prior to shipping. Because of the excessive time delay and lack of communication from these people the Board of Directors of Resurrection Street Ministry will not pay any other money to these people without having the finished product in our hands to inspect. They are not able to accept money through PayPal at this time. That was the only other method the Board would agree to. We have offered to set up an escrow type account to place the funds into so the Manchel's will know the money is there if they perform in accordance with their contract. There is at least one other business they have not shipped a sign to. We are seeking more information on others at this time. We are pretty sure this is a business to business scam. They get the down payment money and drag it out until you give up.

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Keyanna ( on 14/11/12 )

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I feel satisfied after radeing that one.

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