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This is Elizabeth of Angel Persians Cattery
i am responding to this ridiculous and slanderous review about me and my cattery which has been closed for a year or more now.
I have been a breeder for 7-8 years and I have placed many kittens hundreds and this woman is the most impossible person to deal with. I would like to explain to everyone exactly what happened and my story (the truth is a bit different that her version)I had 4-5 litters at the time this woman placed a deposit on this kitten and by mistake I put the wrong Sire down when i was registering the litter. An honest mistake. Most people wouldn't care if the male was a GC or not if it was their first kitten and she wasn't sure if she wanted to breed or not. Breeders that breed and show it would possibly be an issue which I offered to refund her $ she didn't want her $ back but wanted a huge discount and she had an kitten with breeding rights is an $1,800 kitten with breeding rights. she paid under a grand for this kitten it was so long ago i don't clearly remember the exact price but the kitten was discounted and she was told in advance and still picked up her kitten and about 1-2 weeks after she started texting me non stop 20,30,40... so many times per day just harassing me tp the point I just could not deal with her. My x-boyfriend made the original transaction with her so I let him deal with this woman. She was calling me every name in the book (completely classless) call after call text after text. I had to contact my attorney over this matter because it came to the point of total harassment. But anyway i have placed up to 4 kittens w one family and people have been very happy with my beautiful cats. i bathe weekly and they are cage-less and are my babies. One of my girls is going to start a modeling career as well. i just wanted to explain my side of this story and if i was such this terrible person and breeder i would think I would have a lot of complaints over a long period of time, so don't believe everything you hear.It is a bunch on nonsense and I didn't know this crazy woman went this far to do this but i guess some people have nothing better to do. As far as this criminal record I want to laugh. i am not a criminal. I got a DUI WOW big deal.I am sure a few people reading this had gotten a DUI but i do NOT have a bad record and I for sure do NOT have any felonies. but i ask myself what does this have to do with this but she must have had nothing better to do than to dig up things on me. but I am just a single mother and have a very nice home and I have closed my cattery after losing my male cat Tommy. it crushed me but I plan to get back into breeding and all of my cats come with contracts as well as PKD/DNA negative papers, combo testing disease free as well as pet agrees and shot/de-worming records. I am proud to say that i am a proud single mother with two children. my son runs his own business and my daughter is going to be a senior and is going to pre-med for sports medicine but also is going to goto the police academy. So I am a very proud parent and live a peaceful and am blessed with two wonderful children. i wish you all out there .Enjoy your life and make the most out of every day! life goes bye so fast so make every moment count. One thing you can never get back is time. A very wonderful man who is very special in my life told me that once and it is so true.
regards, Elizabeth (not the crazy lady!!!LOL The honest one!!!

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