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Ariel Castro Complaints - Ariel Castro Should Be Executed!

I think Ariel Castro should get the death penalty for kidnaping, imprisoning and raping those 3 young girls for 10 years, if he is guilty as charged.

The 10 years this MONSTER took from these women cannot be replaced. He also caused the faimilies of the girls to suffer unfathomable pain and grief.

There is NO WAY this peice of SHIT should be allowed to live and be fed, cared for and housed in prison at the expense of taxpayers.

I think this preditor should be tied up and the girls and family should be allowed to do anything they want including torture, beat him with a baseball bat, burn him with branding iorns and taser his penis & testiticles with 50,000 volts of electricity for as long as they want.

Then after they have tortured him to their satisfaction, if he is still living, the ELECTRIC CHAIR would be a fitting end for a MONSTER who put these innocent girls through unspeakable HELL. Those girls should be allowed to flip the switch and watch this BASTARD FRY.

In the Mid East, "eye for an eye" justice still exists... we should have it here in the US. People who commit unspeakable hanus crimes deserves to feel the pain they have caused others.

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