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I recently hired an unlicensed handyman, who advertised at, to repair a leaky roof with Snow Roof material. His name is John Thygesen, Thygenes Handyman Services, Santa Rosa.

His website is He quoted the job and materials at $896.28. After having been on the job about 2 hrs he said he needed a power washer and when I expressed concern, he said he had forgotten he need to wash the roof prior to Applying the sealer.

He said a nearby store had one on sale for $99 and that they offered a return for any reason guarantee for $30 and he would simply return it after using it. I offered to rent one and he said it would cost $79 and he wanted to save me money. I gave him $120 and he left to purchase the washer. He returned with the washer and remained only 30 minutes at which time he specified the days he would return. He was a no-show all four times and failed to call and notify me. So he had my $120 and wasn’t showing up for the job. After he left, I iscovered the washer was not new but a 13 year old Craftsman. I called the store where he was suppose to purchase the washer and spoke to the manager only to discover they don’t sell that brand washer and they do not have a $30 return guarantee option.

At that point, I realized something was terribly wrong and texted him. I knew the only way to find out the truth was to tell him I was going to hire someone else to do the job and I was going to keep the washer since I had paid for it. It was only then that he told me he had borrowed the washer and needed to return it. When I asked why he took my money under false Pretenses, his only reply was, “Well you weren’t going to pay me anyway were you”? Further attempts via text failed to come to a resolution. At one point during our texts, he said, “Well what the ‘f’ do you want from me” . He made an inappropriate attempt to smooth things over by saying, “…yet I’m having to deal with a classy gal as yourself not to mention hot.” Beware of any worker asking for money before the job is completed

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