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Matrix Warehouse Computers Complaints - Bad service starts at their head office

June 24th 2013, we EFT’ed R9 498 into Matrix’s bank account to purchase a HP Laptop and Printer. After paying for the equipment we had to wait a week for it to come to the Matrix Branch in Fourways. A week later we were contacted to come and collect the equipment.

We used the laptop for about a week when we started noticing a blue screen appearing. Because we aren’t computer experts, we assumed that it was something that we caused. We then asked our IT technician to see if he can fix our new laptop and printer.

After the technician inspected the new laptop and printer he stated that it was not something that we caused, it was a manufacturing default. He suggested that we take it to Matrix Fourways because they sold us the faulty equipment.

We phoned the store that we purchased it from to inform them about our problem. The person that we spoke to told us that the person that we bought it form (Kyle) no longer works in Fourways and told us that we need to bring the laptop in to the store so that they can look at it. Later that day we took the laptop back to them, only to find out that they will be coming to us to come look at the laptop.
When the Matrix Fourways technician (Loukas Bakatselos) arrived to look at the equipment, typically, the blue screen did not appear. So he could not do anything.

The next day the blue screen appeared again and we contacted Matrix Fourways again. This time when Loukas Bakatselos came the screen appeared. He then took the Laptop and told us they have to send it to the supplier. When we asked Loukas Bakatselos how long it would take he told us NO LONGER than 2 weeks. We purchased this laptop for business use so for us to not have a laptop 2 weeks is quite challenging but we did not really seem to have a choice in the matter.

When 2 weeks past we phoned Matrix Fourways to ask where our Laptop was, the person that we spoke to told us that Loukas Bakatselos wasn’t working but they will tell Loukas to phone us 9am the following morning. The next day by 15h00 we were still waiting for a call from Loukas so we decided to go back to the store, once again. When we got to the store Loukas told us that the laptop is still not back from the supplier but he will follow it up (which he was supposed to have done already). Later that day he phoned us and told us that it will take another 2 weeks. By this time we were very upset because every day that we do not have our laptop we have to undergo extra expenses so that our business can function properly. Loukas’ response to this was ‘it is out of my hands I can’t do anything about it’ without even trying.

We then asked to get an email address so that we can complain about it but we were told that they can only give us their warranty department they are not allowed to give out any other details. We then just Goolged and got the Matrix Head office number and within 2 minutes we managed to be able to get hold of the General Manager (Deon de Wet) and he then arranged for us to get it the very next day. Loukas Bakatselos wasn’t even capable to give us feedback on time.
When we finally got the laptop back we discovered they FIX the laptop instead of replacing it, like we were told will be done. We took the Laptop back to the store but all of a sudden every person that we have dealt with in Matrix Fourways denied the fact that it would be replaced. We then also discovered that the Laptop was never sent to HP, it was sent to some obscure IT company to get fixed.

Once again leaving Matrix Fourways unsatisfied, we decided to contact Deon de Wet again. This time Deon was rude and just not interested to assist us. When we told him that it was not in line with the CPA he became even more offensive. This only proved to us that if the people that are supposed to set an example for the staff junior to him behave like this one cannot expect anything better in the store level.

Now totally fed-up with Matrix’s ill-mannered and incapable staff. We decided to contact HP direct. Within 2 minutes we get through to a lady called Dell who informed us that Matrix was never supposed to send it to the obscure IT Company, Matrix was supposed to send the Laptop back to HP and it would have been immediately replaced at no cost to Matrix.

After all the energy and money that we have spent to just get the equipment to work that we paid R9 498 for. They could have just phoned HP and had this sorted it in less than a day.

We would never support Matrix again. The staff only interested to make a sale regardless if the equipment works. Head office would rather just reap a pay check, than just pick up the phone and just ask HP if they can replace it. We never expected miracles or special favour we just wanted one person at Matrix to do their job, but clearly that was also too much to ask. Now that we have done all the work we would like to see if they are capable to just swop it.

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