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This bank has screwed me over before by giving my information to a third party (not a collector). so i had to close the account they would not let me take my money out of the account that i closed for 45 days. no one could tell me why... my wife opened an account with them about a year ago and has deposited her check bi-weekly with no very big problems maybe a few untold fees that was never made aware to us until it affected us and they said that the policy had changed so we then had to pay for fees we never knew about. Well today she deposits her check into the account and they told her that they could not give her the money until nov 8. mind you that she deposits the same payroll check into this account every 2 weeks so there should not be any type hold on the payroll check she asked for the payroll check back and they would not give it back to her. in our contract it states that if you deposit a check that it will be available to you the next business day. how can they just keep her money that way, when we have a family of 5 one which is a new born son that needs formula the bank only let her have 16 dollars of the money she had worked for for 2 weeks how do we make it on that my check does not and will not ever be put into a BANK OF AMERICA account but our family is in fact a two income family but my check this month has already went to the house payment and other bills. BANK OF AMERICA SUCKS. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT THERE THEY ARE NOTHING BUT LIARS

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