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Bellemont Truck Repair and Towing Complaints - Bellemont Truck Repair and Towing Charged AC System Knowing That Leak Isnt Fixed

Stay away from Bellemont Truck Repair and Towing. They will sell you something you dont need and then refuse to remove it making you have to pay for everything. In my case, it was my AC. I came there to find the leak in the AC system that has been leaking refrigerant. The angry and inpolite staff there told me to wait in the waiting area and that im not allowed to be near my truck or the work area an any point during repair. Seems fair.... But then the teck walks in and says "ok, i just need your name here and thats it".....??? I ask what he did and he says "i put in 4'5 lb or freon in and thats it". I asked if he found the leak,he replied yup, but we dont have the part its a dealer only item so we cant fix it. I told him he should have told me first before charging the system, he replied "you wanted the AC to work right?? We got it working". I told him to pull the freon out but he refused to do so, forcing me to pay for everything.
This company is not something i would recommend to my friends nor do i rrcommend it to you. I notified the DA office in that county and i hope they get caught for all of their fraud.

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