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My home telephone received an unsolicited call from Hilton Grand Vacations offering a free stay in New York City. So much for being on the “do not call” list! We agreed to take the free hotel stay in New York City. After taking our credit card number complications ensued when it was discovered that our credit card was going to be charged an additional “penalty” fee if we did not fulfill Hilton’s obligation requirements. At that moment and on the telephone we were locked into Hilton’s telemarketing scam. There was no 3 day waiting period or opportunity to change our minds after the “pushy” Hilton representative got our credit card number. Locked into the dollar commitment for the trip, we were further pressured in New York City until we signed to buy a timeshare. We were given approximately 5 inches of Hilton Grand Vacation Amendments to the timeshare plan to read once we returned home. Almost immediately the Hilton Grand Vacation experience started to self-destruct. Confusion, unkept promises and other bad experiences ruled the year. Finally, full of disgust and ill feelings I demanded that my money be returned immediately. That started the “convincing” that we would be happy once we started using our Vacations. I wasn’t impressed and continued to demand my money be returned. Hilton would have none of this! Hilton would rather have the money of an unhappy customer than part in a congenial manner with a happy ex-customer. Hence, I believe herein “lies” (pick your own meaning) the problem with Hilton’s operation.
I feel that we have been misled and taken advantage of by “The Hilton Club” and its New York based Managing Director of Business Operations, Mr. Albert Sanchez. Mr. Albert Sanchez has not responded to my letter of December 17, 2012 which, as a courtesy to a Hilton Club owner, should be mandatory for his position. If Hilton would like to solve my complaint they should contact me in writing, not by telephone.
My wife and I have been trying to get our “investment” money out of this despicable contract since we realized that it was a scam. Hilton Grand Vacations should not be allowed to continue operations until its’ questionable, and likely, illegal methods are brought to a higher standard. Therein lies the problem for Hilton as they probably would not survive if they operated in a ethical manner.
Mr. Sanchez was very direct in his support of staff and their methods. He denied that Hilton operates its programs by scamming its potential clients and owners. The high standards that Mr. Sanchez believes Hilton abides loses some validity when one investigates the internet. In Surowitz v. Hilton Hotels Corp, “the complaint alleged that (Hilton) had defrauded stockholders and illegally depleted corporate assets to enrich individual defendants.
In 2010 the Boston Globe reported that the illegal hotel operation “was one of the biggest child-prostitution cases in state history. ...While the Globe doesn’t identify the names of hotels where the girls were brought to meet customers, Boston public radio station WGBH’s July series about sexual and human trafficking in the Boston area suggests that they could very well been higher-end chain hotels frequented by business travelers.
Hilton’s “high ground” defense of its operations and family oriented vacation properties suffered additional embarrassment in April 2011 when it was reported on the internet that “a Hilton Hotel in southwest China lost its five star rating this week after an underground brothel was found to be operating out of the hotel...” “This isn’t the first time a brothel has been operating at a Hilton Hotel. In 2008, a brothel was being run out of a Hilton in Ireland. And Consumerist named the Hilton in Washington, DC the third most prostitution-friendly hotel in the city.” “...Similar brothels have contained children and human trafficking victims.”
As one continues to investigate Hilton experiences on the internet, there are many people who believe that Hilton is a scam, and that it operates illegally. Some guest clients of Hilton want to sue and enjoin a class action suit. Many dissatisfied persons report Hilton’s actions to the numerous websites that permit “venting” for people who have been wronged and/or ask the Attorney General’s office and other government/consumer agencies to investigate Hilton’s operations.
In New York State, the Attorney General was ignored by Hilton Grand Vacations Club when the Attorney General’s office requested information regarding a scam complaint filed by a dissatisfied customer. Is Hilton Grand Vacations Club too well connected “to abide by New York State law? Let’s hope not but evidence is accumulating to the contrary when no visible actions come from the State’s highest law enforcement agency.
A dissatisfied customer’s actions may include educating people about the failures of Hilton by email, websites, newspaper, television, legal and any other opportunity available to me. If you have experienced some unfair treatment and would like to take some kind of action to eliminate these blood-sucking scams, feel free to contact me at I, for one, plan to continue to use every means available to have my money returned.
The realization has come to me that there are probably three (3) groups of Hilton owners who might have gone through this telemarketing experience. The first group would be the owners that are thankful for having the opportunity to enjoy the Hilton Grand Vacation experience and will use it as much as possible. This group gladly purchased their timeshare without the need to high pressure because they wanted, and could afford, exactly what they received.
The second group would be the persons who bought in the “sales room” and although they had second thoughts accepted Mr. Albert Sanchez’s premise that they would be happy once they started using their Hilton vacations. Although they may not have purchased a timeshare without the sales presentation, they are happy and use their property.
The third group would be those that regret buying a timeshare in the “sales room” and under pressure. This group realized at some point that a timeshare was not what they would enjoy or use. Unfortunately, Hilton seems to believe that this group of “unhappy” participants is necessary to the success of Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare scheme. This is also the group that believes and promotes the timeshare’s bad reputation of being a scam because they are being required to fund something they will not (or cannot) use. Buyer beware is a statement of denial and used by the manipulator to justify the results of a questionable operation. Inexperienced people who have to deal with a trained professional sales person in the environment of a sales room and without much recourse against a pressured decision is at a disadvantage that few can overcome. If the person was defenseless against the telemarketer’s call, the outcome would be similar to the outcome of the sales meeting. Hilton should be advised that this group is a detriment to its reputation and should be eliminated from its sales strategy.
I have concluded that it is best to not do business with Hilton. I would advise anyone interested in vacations to pay the full price of a hotel because, in the end, you are not saving any money and are going to continue paying more for the misfortune of dealing with Hilton. Just BEWARE of Hilton!

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