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Aspen Dental Complaints - Billed too much for things I did not need!

When I finally got medical insurance I went to Aspen Dental...big mistake. The people that work here know only one thing. MONEY. They tease you with a "free" exam and then they make-up long lists of what you need done. My list was 2 pages and all that I really needed was a cleaning and wisdom teeth extraction due to pain an infection.

After the dental plan is made you go to a high pressure sales consultation where they push you to sign stuff. Sign here to agree to the dental care plan we made up. Sign here so we can bill you extra if we 'need' to! Sign here for a payment plan with a credit card that charges you ridiculously high rates if you miss just one payment...the promo offer is a scam!! The rate if you miss just once is 29.9% WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Oh and good luck finding a complete list of all your charges...they won't give it to without a scream and fight brawl in the office. Ask me how I know? I heard about some class action law suits about them...I'd seen someones bill where there were charges 4X's for a mouth rinse (which was basically Listerine too). So I wanted to be certain I'm not overpaying, my bill was $1,200 after all and if I'm gonna be able to save $400 in ridiculous charges, you better believe I will try!

Bottom Line: Stay the f*** away from these people!

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