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Naperville Vacuums Complaints - Claimed vacuum had several bad components that were good

Our vacuum wouldn't turn on after running in another room, and switching outlets. My wife dropped it off for repair since naperville vacuums is listed on Electrolux's website as an authorized sales/service center.

She got a call back after about a week, and George the owner said it had some bad components and wasn't worth fixing. He stated they can give a credit, and offered to sell her a new unit. She said she would come in to check out some new units.

I didn't see how it was possible to not be worth fixing since it was in excellent shape, so I called and asked specifically what was wrong with it, and he told me the hepa filter was clogged, and it fried to circuit boards, and that the wand was bad (which we had 2 of since electrolux sent one for a previous issue under warranty, and they both worked!!), and the carpet cleaning attachment was also bad. For one, the carpet attachment wasn't even being used when the vacuum malfunctioned so I knew something wasn't right with his "diagnosis". But before I even got to speak, he said my wife authorized it to be recycled and was coming in to buy a new one.

I told him I needed to see all the old parts, and that's when he said it was in pieces, that they basically rip them apart and get 5 cents for motors from junk guys. I told him my wife didn't mention that she authorized it, just that it was an option, and that I still needed to see that parts. He said he needed some time to get the parts together and had to dumpster dive for the parts.....or probably what he needed to do was actually tear the unit apart before I got there.

When I got there, I saw the bin of parts left over. He handed me an estimate for a bad wand and 2 circuit boards, totaling $240. He said he emailed my wife the estimate....which he did not actually do. The thing that was missing from the estimate was the carpet attachment. I asked him about it, and he said he tested it himself and it was bad. I did see a dirty hepa filter, but it was nowhere near clogged, dirty yes, clogged as he said, NO. As a mechanic I told him I had a hard time seeing how 3 things went bad all at the same time. I asked him to test the carpet attachment for me. He seemed reluctant but when we went back and he finally tested it, it WORKED PERFECTLY. He tried it several times, then said it was an intermittent problem. B.S. I then asked to have him test the wand since it was the majority of the estimate at $179. He wouldn't do it and kept changing the subject. Then we go round and round about putting circuit boards in it, and changed his original estimate from $60 on the estimate to $100....for labor he says. Hmmm, then after asking to test the wand again, he said he's going to call my bluff and asked if I really want it fixed. I said yes, that's why it's here. Then he raised the price for the 2 circuit boards to $140....more labor!!!!!??? Really, then printed a waiver he wanted me to sign saying if it didn't work he wasn't responsible.

So, I don't agree to that, and AGAIN, for the about 7th time ask to have the wand tested and he said he has to leave and didn't have time for this, it was 20 min past 6 and they closed at 6. So I have to come back the next day. I take pics of the wand so he doesn't tamper with it.

The next day I get there and he asks what needed to be done to fix situation, and I said I want my vacuum back as it was when I brought it in and I would be willing to pay for the circuit boards. I wanted all damaged parts fixed. He said he couldn't do that, since my wife authorized it, and again I said she did not! Then he talks me into getting a new unit at "cost". He started out his "cost" at $350 for a vacuum listed at $450. I didn't like that and he went down to $300. I took the bait and wish I didn't. Electrolux had the vacuum on their site for $350, so his markup is extremely high on all vacuums!

I should have taken my bin of parts and bought a new vacuum from a reputable place, but wasn't thinking clearly.

I filed a claim with Better Business Bureau, which they of course aren't members of.

I called electrolux to report the business, and what happened. I think at least they should remove him from their site as a certified seller/repair center.

I have since asked for proof of his cost for the vacuum I purchased and what I paid for, and if I didn't actually get it at cost, wanted the difference since. He's obviously a greedy, un trustworthy person.

I wouldn't ever give this place any business if it's for sales, service, rug cleaning, ANYTHING!! He's obviously not a person of good character, so I can only imagine how many other people he's cheated, and lied to. I have a feeling our vacuum would have been an easy fix. He probably planned to sell it as a refurb.

I have never been so badly treated and lied to ever! I can only hope he goes out of business

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