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101 Auto Sales Complaints - Classless & Rude

First day I was there I had a bad feeling. During a deal one of the workers started screaming at a couple that had their vehicle repossessed. It seemed totally uncalled for considering the couple that were being yelled at weren't being ridiculous at all. The female of the couple was crying but that was all. Nevertheless my husband insisted on purchasing the vehicle from them and we did. A few days after we purchased it broke down, and they did fix it so that was nice. However, just recently because of a business mix-up we were 3 days late and while my entire family was in a store shopping we come outside w/our vehicle repossessed and no way of going back home. We ended up having to take a taxi and not have any car seats for our children during the ride. My purse was also repossessed along w/the van and it has medications stored in it so most likely tonight I'll be sick. All because of 3 days even though we've NEVER defaulted. Oh and one time they showed up at our house yelling when it was THEIR fault they gave us their PERSONAL account to direct deposit our money into instead of the business one. So they assumed they weren't getting paid, then they saw it and sure enough the money was there! Scumbags. No class. I guarantee tomorrow will be drama when we go back to get our belongings. I would not be surprised if they come out screaming like lunatics. They can't even speak properly on the telephone. These people look like they are addicted to hardcore drugs and they have no clue how to handle their customers. I'm sure some of them are hardened from being scammed but having a little class could maybe help them a lot more. Maybe less people would be disgusted with them if their behavior was a little more mature.

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