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We checked into Country Inn & Suites-Savannah Historic and dropped off our luggage after 8 PM in our room and headed out to eat and see the sights. I noticed a strong air freshener smell, but didn't think anything of it.

When we returned to our room about 11 PM, we drew a bath for our kids and then got ready for bed. I began itching badly from head to toe and quickly realized the air freshener was the cause, as I'm allergic to some perfumes.

I went downstairs and requested another room, but there were none available. I informed the desk clerk that I was having an allergic reaction to the freshener and was told there wasn't anything she could do, all the rooms contained the same air freshener.

I decided to try to make it through the night. About 15 minutes later, my throat began getting tight, so I once again told the desk clerk I was having issues and she offered no help and told me there was nothing she could do. She wasn't even sympathetic and acted as if I were lying to her.

I decided to sleep in my truck to avoid the issue but my wife said we just needed to leave. So we packed up our belonging and headed home. We informed the desk clerk why we were leaving. She just told us to take it up with the general manager later.We have tried many, many times to get a refund from the general manager and to date, we have received nothing.

I personally think all the air freshener is there to cover up the mold and mildew smells, which were present but very faint due to the overwhelming air freshener. I was told that since I didn't identify I had an allergy to perfumes, Country Inn and Suites did not have any need to accomodate my allergy. I've had 2 previous reactions in oveer 40 years, so informing anyone of this isn't something I regularly practice.

What a rip-off! We paid almost $200 for a room I couldn't even stay in and now they are saying it's my fault for not telling them ahead of time I had an allergy. The really pathetic part is the night desk clerk informed all the rooms had the same air freshener so there is no way they would've been able to do anything even if I had informed Country Inn and Suites prior to my 4 hour stay. On top of that, since we had no where else to stay, we ended up having to drive 5 hours home in the middle of the night and didn't even get to enjoy Savannah as we had planned the next day! Country Inn and Suites General Manager Cherelle Davis isn't returning calls and is trying to tell us that we were offered a different room choice when we checked in. That's a bold lie and wouldn't matter anyway given all rooms are massively infected with air freshener!

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