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The Gathering Ground Complaints - DAMAGED ITEMS WERE SENT ON PURPOSE.

I bought 8 World of Warcraft Naxxramas treasure pack boxes from The Gaming Broker/ The gathering Ground as described as "New" on Amazon. The picture shown on Amazon is also a "New" box of these packs. I recieved the 8 boxes a week and a half later (which is insane for paying $16 shipping) all slashed up on top of each box in the shape of an X from a razor knife. My first reaction was that the Post Office might have done this, but then I thought, hey, these card shops like to search for loot cards in their cases of cards and then scam their customers. I contacted the company directly through email with several questions about what happened to my order and they said to pay for the shipment back to them and they'll refund me. They told me they'll refund me because the price has doubled in price for the product that I've bought. They refused to answer how or why the shipment got to me like that. I told them I don't want a refund, I told them I want what I bought. I then called the next morning and got the same run around. They will not ship me what I bought. Beware of these scammers. They seem like low level salesman.

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Linx ( on 08/05/17 )

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Alaonzaam-iafkrmation found, problem solved, thanks!

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