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We currently have Time Warner cable and their customer service is bad, they raise prices, and you can’t get told anything the same. Well as for today I found Direct TV not to be much better. The lady offer to run the specials under my name and gave me a price of $75.98. I got the genie, 2 rooms, over 205 channels, and internet. I said that was fine lets go ahead and get it set up. Now I paid $127.28 on my card for the installation. Then she said about having my account automatically deducted out of my account and I said “No.” We went through this with Time Warner. They over charged us, it was taken out at different times, and they charged the pricing of our bill. She then said well the pricing I gave you is based on that and you will be charged an extra $10.00 fee. What happened to no hidden fees? I wasn’t told that in the beginning. That should have been stated and a choice. I asked numbers of times what my monthly billed would be. They could have said if you would like to save $10.00’s month you can enroll in this.
Now once that was out of the way I was transferred to the bundle department. I get on the phone with them and they tell me the have a price for $24.99 a month for internet. Now I am beyond confused because I thought I got that already. I was quoted $19.95 a month. Now they have to run another credit check? Are you kidding me? So come to find out I
need another $100.00 to put down to get the internet. I don’t have that plus what I paid
today. So I said I was never told that I needed another credit check or to even apply for the bundle. That is shady right there. So I wanted to talk to a manager and she was on a call. Then I asked for corporate number or a complaint number and I was put on hold 3 different times. Then the lady got back on the phone and said it wasn’t them it was
AT&T. Trying to get out of what I was asking. I told her I wanted a manager, this is things Timer Warner cable does. So I hung up realizing I wasn’t getting anywhere with this.
I called back again, the customer service line. I am now a customer right? Well, I get through to them and he again repeats what I have and its an excellent choice one for choosing Direct TV and for the package. Well, lets say I regret it. Now I told him why and he confirms the installation date and said I needed a consent form from our landlord to install the services. I told him that it was going in a bucket and wasn’t touching the house or roof. I told him the lady I talked to earlier said that I didn’t need one as long as I knew that it was fine. Now he says I do. So I asked to talk to a manager, which he acted like he didn’t care. He said that I didn’t need one.

Then I call back to make sure the internet isn’t on my bill or that I am not being charged for any of it. I talked to a guy who assures me it all a great package and so on. I told him what was going on and then he told me that he can not make changes I have the wrong department. Well I only pushed what the automated service said. Now I am beyond frustrated and asked for a number to corporate or complaint department. He then said there are no numbers but can give me a mailing address. I ask him, “so there is no numbers at all?” He said no. He asked someone by him and she said she can either go online or mail a letter. So I told him ok since you are refusing to give me any numbers and you are not helping me just transfer me to the right department to get this internet done and over with. Well he interpreted me and yelled “Do you want to talk to my manager? Here you talk to her.” I said “Excuse me, I am talking and it is very rude to interrupt me while talking.” He said “ I was talking to my manager.” I told him “ If you feel the need to talk to your manager then you can put me on hold or wait till I am done. You do not interrupt a customer nor yell do you want to talk to someone else. This is very bad customer service.” So then he tried to transfer me to the right department and they didn’t answer. Then he tried to connect me to AT&T and was waiting for 3 minutes, so I hung up and called a different number. I talked to a different guy who assured me the internet was not on there and everything was good to go and gave me the mailing address. His name was Hank. He seemed to have more sense than the others I talked to. Now the tech came out today and refused to put the dish in the bucket. He called his manager and he laughed about it and said that if I had it in a bucket before I must have gotten around the system. Really this is how you treat your customers? Then I called customer service and talked to a manager and he told me he couldn’t do anything even pulling the recordings. He said that the people I talked to the other day was all uneducated. I talked to at least 20 people and he said they were all uneducated. He told me there is nothing they can do. I then found out that if I decided to put it in the ground they was going to charge me another $75.00. No one ever told me that. Horrible customer service. Lies, hidden fees, lazy people, give you the run around, and get told different things by each person you talk to.

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