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I bought a used 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 truck with only 109,724 miles from Lake Wylie Motors in Lake Wylie, SC last Friday (5/27/16) for my 19 year old son. Here is my experience - PLEASE READ THE WHOLE STORY: My husband did all the negotiating and I was simply going in to sign paperwork and pay. What my husband negotiated in the price was a new set of tires and a sensor for the windows. When I got there the following day to purchase the vehicle Jim the sales person had a different story and the tires and sensor were not included and he added $500 to the price. My husband insisted that this was not what they discussed and is not what he noted on his pad of paper during the negotiations. He also tried to negotiate a 30 day warranty but Lake Wylie Motors declined and now I know why. I proceeded with the transaction anyway out of GOOD FAITH that perhaps there was a misunderstanding on the tires and sensor and trusted that although I was buying "as-is" I would not be shafted. Next, my son drove the truck ONLY 300 miles and 27 hours after purchasing it the truck started to present a horrible knock. I had it checked out and it is indeed a rod knock in the lower engine which was quoted $7-8,000 to fix. I went to Lake Wylie Motors for help and they said and I quote "We do not feel like we are responsible" so they offered nothing but to get me a quote on replacing the engine. The expense to replace the engine will be at the same cost of what I paid for the truck.

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