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Was told by an auto repair shop one of my cylinders was going bad, i called by brother and told him, he told me to go to his friend Matt who owned city auto wreckes to look at it, took my 1999 ford contour to him on the 27/28th Sept, not sure which of those days. He told me it's your fuel pump, it's only reading 30lbs press., thats whats causing the rough ride, and engin light to be on. He said i needed to get that fixed ASAP or i will be stranded. i took the car i for repairs on Oct 5th, told me he put 1 n and it read 30lb, so put another in, he mumbled then said "well you won't break down or get stranded" i went to ask more on the new pump, and he told me he had alot on his plate, that told me the conver. was over, paid 125$ and left, turns out he put in the same 30lb press. reading pump as my original, nothing was fixed..i was taken for a fool at 125$, it even says at ford dealers 30-40lb is norm.....he messed up, and he refused to talk to me about it, and the ppl at his company hung up on me threatened me, and i find he's not even a mechanic, nor do they really do repairs. SO WRONG

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