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I was preappoved with RoadSport Auto in Calgary for financing a newer vehicle.
I was so excited when they called me to tell me that I was approved for finanancing. They immediately set up an appointment with me to help me purchase a new vehicle from their lot. My appointment was specific to 1:30 pm I was to meet with Mandi.

Excited as I was to go for my appointment to my surprise I was treated like cattle in a yard. Mandi was busy with another customer and referred my appointment to the owner HOWARD. Well, Howard left me in the yard told me he would be right back, I waited for 25 minutes until he returned. He came out adruptly told me I was pre-approved for 13,000.00, I said ok pointing at the truck I wanted and said this is what I am looking at... He literally laughed at me and said that is not in price range and actually there is not much here in my price range. and pointed out a few beater cars and walked away from me.

I wanted to ask him some questions regarding the financing as I know that usually the finance companies will approve you for a certain monthly payment Rather then a set amount... so sayn the finance company would come back with an approval of not to exceed 500.00 over 5 years.
So I wondered around to get his attention and he could not give the time of day. Then once he did acknowledge me again, he pointed at 2 beater cars that he stats are going for 13,000.00 to which I honestly wouldnt give him 5 cents for and again walked away.

Finaly fed up with the lack of service I recieved I wondered next door and received impecalbe service. The Agent, came right to me asked me that I was interested in, I told him what my vehicle needs were and explained the expereince I just had with his next door competitors (ROADSPORT AUTO) He told me that wouldnt be a problem he submitted the paper work for me to be preapproved I was approved yet again, and at exactly what I had mentioned above! (NOT TO EXCEED $500.00 payment over 5 year term) which is well beyond 13,000.00.

So the agent showed me the truck I wanted (actually that truck wanted me!!) He worked with me on the price lowered it by 3000.00 as it a few things that needed work... They Noticed the tires where not in great condition to which they replaced, also they noticed had a small crack on the rear brake light cover and replaced that as well. He did not leave me until the deal was completely closed helped me with my appointment to have the tires changed and the light fixed. This is how a person is to be treated when you are purchaing a vehicle well over 15,000.00.

SO to end my experience I have the truck I needed and Now ROADSPORT is harrasing me every single day, reminding me I have an appoved loan with them. I have recieved phone calls and numerous emails, to which I have told them I found what I needed and to stop harrassing me.

If they had spent the time with me in the beginning, and worked with me to get what I was in the market for instead of just trying to make a sale. Even if they had pretended to care about my needs, they may very well have recieved my business.

I highly recommend everyone NOT to go to ROADSPORT AUTO for any vehicles or financing.

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