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Dan Collins, The Hippie Chef Complaints - Extremely Low Quality

I contracted with Mr. Dan Collins to do a month's worth of written material, but would not do business with him again. I was unaware of Mr. Collins' website at the time of our contract. I learned later that Mr. Collins is known as The Hippie Chef, and his website business is I also learned later that he has contributed to a website called The Weed Blog.

My contact with Mr. Collins was a contract to write a series of 28 article-emails for an entire month. I corresponded with Mr. Collins regularly. He attempted to pay me $30 for the ENTIRE 28 articles. If you do the math, then this is approximately $1 per article, or, approximately $1.00 for each 30 minutes of work. Our eventual fallout was quite surprising, considering that Mr. Collins was quite pleased with my work, at one point using the word "great!" to describe it.

Dan Collins refers to his endeavor "our company," but in fact, everything on his website seems to indicate that he is the sole owner and proprietor.

If you look with Mr. Collins' website, you'll see that he offers something called "health coaching." He claims, "My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health." Note however, he lists no formal university training and his first line in his credential section reads, "I only cook , grill, and bake with Organic Foods incl. Meats, Chicken, & Veggies."

The second item that is conspicuously absent is contact information in the form a phone number or physical address. There is certainly nothing unethical about this; however standard consumer advice often cautions against doing business if the company can't be easily reached.

Mr. Collins also has a link on his website that reads, "Free Book." If you click on that link, then you'll find it's not a free book, but, in fact, only a free EXCERPT from the book.

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