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Steer well clear of this rip off ISP (Internet Service Provider) They charged our company £47.00 per month to have 4 mail boxes with a domain name, on top of a hosting fee for the domain name and a hefty registration fee and then when they were rumbled they blatantly refused to refund the money requested despite our canceling their service immediately after the invoice had been paid for in advance, for the month hence. They were arrogant and rude and extremely unhelpful. They are extortionate and they put up prices without telling you as well. Our advice: Steer well clear unless you don't mind being ripped off and treated like dirt.
On top of this there are all sorts of hidden charges and just about everything you would want with any domain name or its hosting, they charge you additional costs for, but their web site misleads you into believing that you are buying a package for a set price.

They are obnoxious and awful people to deal with, they talk down to you and treat you like an idiot, they then try to tell you that you are the one at fault, to try and cover up for their ripping you off.

They are money grabbing and the service you get is atrocious.

If you phone their support team they don't help you, they talk you through what needs to be done but this of course is at your expense on an 0844 number. They have to be one of the worst possible web hosting and Internet Service Providers in the UK. Just watch how much they take out of your bank account every month and yet when you sign up with them they lead you to believe you are paying a one off set up cost of 47.00 not £47.00 per month, as they see fit to debut your credit card for given the chance to. They are misleading and they are greedy.


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