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I received a copy of a petition regarding abuse and a beating suffered by 14 year old high school student Eric Martin.

The petition states that student Eric Martin was bullied since the first grade.

The petition states that in the fall of 2014 Eric suffered a horrible beating that left him in the hospital for nine days and his assailants with little injury.

The petition states that Eric's attackers viciously beat him, causing him to have a broken hand and a traumatic brain injury (TBI), leaving him unconscious by the end. The petition states that the brain injury will permanently impact Eric's life and that he has continued to receive medical treatment for his injuries weeks after the beating he received.

The petition states that Highland Springs High School officials has decided to file assault charges against Eric for his behavior.

It is increadible that considereing the history of abuse suffered by this 14 year old that Highland Springs High School officials would even consider filing assault charges against this child.

It seems to me that Highland Springs High School officials should be held responsible for Eric Martin's safety.

It seems that those who attacked Eric are the ones who should have charges filed against them and they should be expelled from school.

If those who attrached Eric made anti-gay slurs at Eric as alledged in the petition, they should be charged with Federal Hate Crimes.

I think that the parents of the students who attacked Eric and Highland Springs High School should be sued and have to pay Eric Martin hospital expenses and pay for any long term damage caused to Eric, including emotional damage, plus pain and suffering.

It also seem to me that Highland Springs High School officials who are responsible for filing assault charges against Eric should be FIRED.

Here's a link to the petition;

Highland Springs High School phone number is: (804) 328-4000

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