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I like Mozilla Firefox browser but I HATE how they automatically disable plugins like adobe flash when THEY feel they are out of date and need to be updated.

Adobe flash was working fine, then all of the sudden videos were no longer viewable and this message appeared where the video was supposed to be; "This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated. Activate Adobe Flash".

When I clicked the update links, they didn't work.

I had this same problem a couple of weeks ago and updated to the latest version Adobe Flash by downloading it directly from their site. Now just 2 weeks later, the same poblem and I'm getting sick of it.

I never have this problem with Internet Explorer or Goole chrome.

I really don't give a DAM if the plugin is out of date or vulnerable, I just want it to continue working and I am sick and tired of Mozilla Firefox disabling plugins on MY computer.

I use AVG virus protection and it works great at stopping viruses before they infect my computer. So I have no concerns what-so-ever about plugins being "vulnerable".

According to an article at, Firefox web browser popularity is decreasing. "In October 2009, Firefox was on the rise and had reached 23.75 percent As of June 2014, Firefox hit a new five-year low of 15.6 percent market share".

One reason why may be because people are getting FED UP with Mozilla Firefox disabling plugins.


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