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A Reel Occasion (aka M4L Media Group, LP) Complaints - Five months and still no wedding video

Our experience with this company has been a NIGHTMARE! First we were promised two videographers at the wedding to only have one manned camera and a standing camera. So as our cocktail hour was going on with our special entertainment, that I had clearly expressed to the videographer I wanted recorded, Mr. Neel was videotaping us taking photos. Secondly, we were told that we would receive our highlight video 5 weeks from our wedding date so we could share with friends and family, and only after countless failed completion dates we received it almost 10 weeks later (July 30th to be exact) - which was when we were suppose to receive our actual wedding video. After finally receiving the highlight video, we were then promised, “The estimated delivery time for the final DVDs is the week of 8/11-8/17/2013.” Guess what?! To date there is NO VIDEO! We received an e-mail on August 26th that stated there was some kind of “hardware malfunction” and clients video footage were compromised.

Can you imagine the horror to know that after all this headache and frustration, there may be no wedding video?!?!?!?! My husband contacted Mr. Neel to get clarification. Mr. Neel reassured my husband that most of our footage had been retrieved, and he was just missing the exit scene from the reception– which we were fine with. Again, Mr. Neel gave us a promised date of completion – September 15th, 2013. The day arrives and we receive a phone call and text message from Mr. Neel stating that at the very last moment, he discovered an hour and a half of lost footage from our wedding! WTH! Remember he assured us no real footage was lost! He then asked to reschedule till Tuesday, September 17th. My husband beyond frustrated at this point, responded that he should not contact us again until he had a FINALIZED video in hand and ready to walk out the door! We were simply tired and fed up with all the missed deadline dates. So here we are now October 21, 2013, over a month later, still no wedding video. Not only that, he continues to reschedule meeting dates for even just a sit down face-to-face discussion on what is going on with our video!

This experience has been a true nightmare, and every time I think of it my blood pressure goes through the roof. I would never recommend Areel Occasion to ANYONE! EVER!

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areeloccasion ( on 06/11/13 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

Good Day Desamours,

Thank you for recently sharing feedback on our services. I must say that it actually took me by surprise because we had good communication between us. It is our policy to make our interactions with our clients one of value, respect, and integrity while providing a high-quality product. This is actually your first time sharing your sentiments with our company. Though I do recognize that we were coordinating our schedules to meet to discuss the status of your project....

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