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Lad Irrigation Complaints - Forced to Pay for Travel & Getting Lost by Lad Irrigation

I was charged, WITHOUT TELLING ME PRIOR TO WORK BEING COMPLETED, that I will be paying for the repair man to DRIVE TO MY HOME, GET LOST AND DRIVE BACK TO THE OFFICE by Lad Irrigation. This was at a rate of $117.00 per HOUR.

The parts on this repair job cost $112.00 and the labor for less than one hour of ACTUAL repair work was $327. Total bill: $440.00! I complained, told them I don't pay for people to get lost, they said they would speak to the manager. When they called back, the labor was lowered to $220.00. STILL less than an hour of work, but they insisted that I am to pay for the drive, at a rate of $117.00 PER HOUR.

This is unethical, and in my opinion highway robbery. This is the first time and the last time I will use Lad Irrigation in George Washington to replace a relay, a pressure switch and a capacitor.
Final bill: $327

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