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I made a booking for ticket from HK to Singapore on 26/6 at 1200hrs. However, I wrongly booked my flight at 14:55hrs depart on 28/8 instead of he one at 11:05hrs on 28/8. I realized my mistake at once and tried to fix it immediately! I kept ringing Bravofly provided phone at 390423402040 for 8 times to amend my flights. But the phone no. was fake which you could never reach them as it hang up after 1 min every time your call was connected. I sent email to them twice but no reply at all !!!! I then tried to login to their website by following their instruction in order to cancel my flight but failed. Their email stated I can CANCEL my booking as long as it has not been confirmed. But there has NO any KEY for me to hit CANCEL at all. I tried all the way to reach BRAVOFLY!!! But it was hopeless !!!! IT's FRUSTRATED !!!! I could only keep calling the fake no. there and waiting for the booking from PENDING turned to CONFIRMED at 1400hrs. I felt FRUSTRATED, HOPELESS and EXTREMELY DEPRESSED in that 1.5 hrs. I couldn't reach the agent after I gave out all my credit card details!

I didn't give up I called them with another no. provided in their CONFIRMED BOOKING confirmation. After 5 calls I reached them finally. But I was told I CANNOT CANCEL the booking and if I want to change to flight time I need to pay the penalty at EUR$130+ ! It's ridiculous !

I requested to talk to the manager and their staff said they didn't have manager on duty !!! They told me according to their records I called to them after the booking was confirmed. I showed them my phone records I did call them during the booking was PENDING but failed. Their Staff- Aedel, AHMAD, Emma, Thomas, Serkan, MEHDI, Mark told me no manager on duty, then asked me to wait for reply email in couple days !!!! What !???? UNBELIEVABLE !!!! The ticket price is raising up and seats are booking out every minute. Crazy them!!! They didn't help me to contact the airline after 24hrs later when I contacted the airline and I was told on such !!!! I was told by the airline that BRAVOFLY charged me in AU$497.1 which is HK$3600. But when I made the booking it showed HK$3157. FRAUD !!!!! That's TERRIBLE !!!!!! I already spoke to my bank and they said they will assist me to report the CASE as FRAUD and I can dispute the charge !!!!!

I sent more than 10 emails but no one reply in 3 days !!!!! I called them more than 10 times and no one can help and the Team leader - Martin Varma in Hungary refused to put me through to the manager - Ida Adefa for assistance !!!!!! He told me I'm not allowed to speak to the manager !!!!! I asked him the email and contact no. of the manager ?!!! You know what!!!! He refused to give me and stated I don't have right to contact the manager directly !!! I can only wait the reply from the claim department. He didn't know how long will I have wait for the reply !!! He asked me to believe in him !!!! Is he kidding ????? Actually no one has been replying any emails from me for 3 days 72 hrs ! Martin said I should contact the airline directly at once when the booking was still under PENDING not them!!!! I asked Martin to pass my case to the manager -Ida and asked her to send me email or call my cell!!! He said he can't do it for me as no one can help me except Claim Department !!! I told him I need to talk to the manager regarding my complaint and he replied I'm not allowed to do that !!!!! I'm sure he is insane !!!! He should not work as a team leader. He makes the hospitality industry very bad. I feel shame on him and BRAVOFLY !!!!! How terrible are they ?????? They disappeared after got your money !!!!!! After you paid the charges and you can't find anyone in the agent to provide any basic service or assistance!!!! No MANAGER !!! No email !! No REPLY !!! I will definitely define this case as a FRAUD !!!!!! I will consider to report the fraud case to police!! For sure will complain to the TOURISM BOARD!!!

I'm strongly requesting BRAVOFLY to follow my case and settle down the problem. I emailed them to pass my case to the CLAIM DEPARTMENT !!!!!!!!
I can't wait !!!!!!! I need to attend the meeting on 28/8 afternoon !!!!!!! I requested them to change my flight to 1105hrs on 28/8 and I'm for surely not paying any penalty. I'm asking for compensation !!!!!!!!! It's BRAVOFLY's fault which made me missed the chance to CANCEL or amend my flight within the PENDING status !!!!!!!! It's not my fault and I'm not going to suffer anything!!!! HOW FRUSTRATED there has No reply on such an URGENT case at all !!!!!!

BRAVOFLY should call AWFULFLY !!!!! Terrible !!!! Fraud the world !!!! BRAVOFLY IS CHEATER !!!!!

Please never use this AWFUL agent to make any booking !!!! For sure you will REGRET !!!!!


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