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Kavi Kitchen/ Gourmet Online Complaints - Fraudulent Charges

Ordered what I thought was a $3.95 cookbook- turns out they automatically sign you up for some kind of online cooking class. Had 2 different charges for $9.95 show up each month for the past few months and had no idea where they came from. Finally found a way to contact them to figure out what was going on to which the customer service snickered at the fact that I was upset about the fraudulent charges. Said the only thing he could do was cancel my current "membership" (that I never authorized, nor used). After pushing the issue he said he could reverse the most recent charges but the other ones were outside of the "30 day warranty". When I pointed out the fact that the previous charge was still within the 30 day period AND had another payment already pending he replied with some BS answer that once the next payment is processing it counts as the next payment. Asked to speak with a manager and he said they would have to call me back tomorrow- which is conveniently outside of the 30 day "warranty" now.

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