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Greentree Servicing Complaints - Greentree Servicing Customer Abuse

Recently Greentree Loan Servicing bought many loans from Bank of America.

This caused panic amoung Bank of America customers because there's complaints all over the internet about Greentree Loan abusive conduct. You can find complaints by typing Greentree Loan complaints, Greentree Loan abuse, etc

There is even a lawsuit claiming a Florida man was harassed to death by Greentree Loan Servicing. You can read about it here;

Abusive calls should be recorded and kept for evidence. Large class action law firms like "Morgan & Morgan" has sued abusive creditors and may take your case.

Find the deed to your home and see if it was recorded by MERS. If it was you may have a case to get your home free and clear. Search for “MERS Mortgage Transfers Deemed Illegal by Federal Judge” and “MERS Violations” to learn more.

Here's a video, Get your Property FREE AND CLEAR From MERS Banks:

If the mortgage company tries to foreclose on your home you should use the; Where's the note strategy. Type Where's the note in youtube and in google to learn more.

Here's some info;

In some states like Florida, a bank must produce the original note and if they can't the judge may give you your home free and clear.

UPDATE: A lawfirm has filed a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Greetree. Details at;

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