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First Convenience Bank Complaints - Hold on Funds

I was told on Monday June 10,by First Convenience Bank that, my funds would be released that night. The next day, they're till on hold. The amounts total more then $500. The branch manager was on hold with rental car place and were told, they would send a release to the branch. Several hours later, the branch said, they never received the faxes. I called the rental car place back and they said, they sent it twice. We confirmed the fax numbers were correct. Today is Saturday and the bank still have the funds on hold.

You would think, after the branch manager heard the rental car place say, they hold should be released and they fax will be sent over that, he would release. He still will not release my funds. This is very frustrating. I don't have any money and need it. Very dissatisfied with the customer service from First Convenience Bank. It's like, my voice will not be heard by them,

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