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We have been using Vivint for our home security for approximately 2 years. We have never had a problem until approximately 1 month ago when we needed repairs. Due to malfunctioning door locks that Vivint installed, I can only enter my home through 1 door. If I walk outside and forget to unlock this only working door or carry a key with me, I am locked out. I have locked myself out of my home 5 times this month including this morning when it was raining, 37 degrees with 40 mph winds. I have called at least 7 times and am told each time I will be called withing 3-5 days or sometimes 48 hours. I also have repeatedly stressed to these customer service reps that I want to be called on my cell number. Everytime I call, they tell me that a technician has tried to call my home and got no answer. Our home phone has no voice mail or caller ID as we use it for backup only so I never knew anyone called. Each time I would ask why did they call my home phone when I repeatedly specified to call my cell? I finally told them to remove that number permanently from my account since the technicians obviously can't follow simple instructions. So, today, I was told that my case was moved to "priority 1" and should be repaired in 24 hours. When I did get a callback, I was told the first available date would be Oct 22 which is a day that I work and would not be able to sit and wait from 7am-12pm. Now, I am waiting for another callback with a date. We pay for this service. This is causing me major inconvinience. I can't even walk into my home from my garage where I park my car because this door cannot be entered due to this malfunctioning lock. I have to walk out of the garage into the rain or snow to go inside. I feel that they should accomodate my schedule after 1 month of this aggravation and multiple hours of my time I have wasted on the phone trying to get something done.

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