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Purchasing a car from Prime Toyota in West Roxbury, MA turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life. If I could give a half star I would, that's for having decent snacks in the waiting area. Speaking of waiting area, I spent the majority of my time there getting my car repaired. A car I purchased from Prime Toyota not even six months ago at this point. Prime Toyota claims to take the cars they sell through vigorous tests and checks to be approved before purchase. I know for a fact that the condition I bought my car in couldn't have been approved.
It took 14 days to get my car back from Prime one time, for what turned out to be rotors and brake pads (which I was told were brand new when I bought the car 3 months earlier) and a scratch caused by them from the routine oil change I got there a few days before. Now I would tell you my car was scratched TWICE but that would sound unbelievable, right? Well it's the truth. When I went to pick up my car after this 14 days of getting the run around, it was damaged yet again. This time I'm thinking more to be spiteful. But who knows, maybe the service center workers and/or mechanics really are that clumsy. When I confronted the staff about the NEW scratch, the service manager Mitch Dick proceeded to get defensive and denied they scratched the car. (Mind you, these are not little nicks. They were full blown fresh white scratches!)

So I asked to see the cameras for proof, because there's no way in HELL I would scratch my own car. That's totally crazy! I never left the premises with the car and there is also no way it was already damaged. If so, just show me the footage of my car pulling in the service center with the damage. That never happened of course. If my car came in with the scratch or I scratched the car when I arrived to pick it up, all I asked was proof. There are cameras everywhere at the dealership. It really offended me that Prime Toyota would even insinuate I was lying or somehow trying to be deceitful. My guess is they wanted me to be afraid to bring my car to them for service. Prime Toyota wanted me to feel intimidated. That way they wouldn't have to deal with the obvious issues the car I purchased from them has.

I wish I could put all I been through in one review. Aside from the scratches, I was sold a car with a lot of problems that I wasn't made aware of before purchase. The service records had clearly been altered by staff. New brake pads and rotors were one of the supposed brand new items put on the car. So why was I getting them serviced after 3 months you ask? Ask Prime Toyota. That's just one example. As I stated when I first started this review, this was and is one of the worst experiences of my life and I am taking it very seriously. I am fighting to get justice and hope this never happens to anyone else. I encourage you to turn elsewhere to purchase OR get your car serviced. Save yourself the headache I'm going through now with this shady place. To call it shady is putting it lightly. It's criminal!

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