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watertight roofing Complaints - incompetent, inept, rude and shady in Sundre

In March 2013 we were referred to this company by a friend to replace several sky lights and drain troughing, paper and shingle the roof, paint, and replace a sunroof after hail damage, however, we were left with more problems than we started with. After insisting on being paid for incomplete and in some aspects unstarted work in order to "cover his workers wages" Travis Shanks of watertight roofing supervised from the cab of his truck as his questionably skilled workers toiled to give us our drafty, ill fitted and unsightly skylights (as well as a mess in our sunroom) a leaking, improperly installed sunroof on our deck, inadequate drainpipes on our house, off color paint from lack of stirring and careless application, as well as a heap of refuse and personal garbage to clean up after they left. Mr. Shanks was quite amenable to coming and looking at the problems and fixing them "right away", especially since his companies' motto is "not right till it's watertight" Four months later we are still trying to get the work we paid for done, and not only is he denying any knowledge of our complaints and issues (load your earlier messages on your iphone genius) but is resentful that we should have the audacity to be concerned , so far as to be offended enough to hang up on me while trying to talk to him on the phone! so save your money, you'd have better luck paying the paper boy to roof your house

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