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Popeyes Complaints - Insulted by Crew Member at Popeyes

We visited Popeyes with a friend for a meal. Our order was taken by the Manager. When we were given our food, there were no forks in the bag.

So I went back to inform one of the crew members at the next window that they forgot to put forks in our bags. The crew member who has a bunch of forks right in front of her then tell me to go back to the individual who took my order. So I said to the crew member, there are forks right in front of you, can't you just give me two so I can go have my meal.

She then started to yell at me and became blatantly disrespectful in the midst of all the customers and other crew members around saying "SIR! WE DO NOT GIVE AWAY FREE FOOD AND I NEED TO LEAVE HER WINDOW AND GO BACK TO WHO TOOK MY ORDER". So I responded that I am NOT asking for free food, all I want is two forks that was not given to me with my order. The lady (Manager) who served me then call me to her window and gave me the two forks.

I was completely embarrass with the way I was treated, I could not even finish my meal at this restaurant. So I told my friend we should leave. I then saw one of the crew members passing by, so I stop and ask her to speak with the manager on duty. She then call for the Manager who happen to be the same lady (who took my order and witness how I was treated and did not address her crew member) and told her a customer had a complaint.

My friend and I waited for about 15-20 minutes and the Manager did not even acknowledge or came out to speak with us. So we just left in complete dissatisfaction. I would like to speak with someone about this matter because I am still shaken about the level of treatment I receive.

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