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I hit a pot hole and needed a new rim. Was told the rim was no good and needed new one's. I bought 4 x rims and tyres ($700) off this so called ‘reputable’ business, and yes the rims and tyres were guaranteed to fit my car, and guess what!!! they didn't fit. I asked for a refund, and he asked me for 'you know what', I said 'NO WAY Eeeewwwww'. I sent a ‘Letter of Demand’ trying to get my hard earned money back to no avail. I never heard from this creep again. Now I’m stuck with...

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This photographer was rude, hard to deal with and had a detailed list about all she would not do. After waiting a long time to get our photo appointment Lisa agreed to meet at a local small park. She made me search google maps and send her a map and mark exactly were we would be. I decided to stand on the sidewalk right next the the main street so there was no way to miss us. We waited 45 mins in the hot sun and she was a no show. Then she had the nerve to say she was there and she...