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Spray Bedliner Companies Complaints - Lining my truck was a SCAM

I went to 2 different Rhino Linings in Mississippi (Gulf Coast, North MS) and got quotes by these spray bed liner "professionals". First of all, I felt uncomfortable after speaking with the sales manager at location 2 because his price was WAY more than location 1. Was I being scammed already??? I wasn't sure so I asked location number one WHY they were less. They said they sold more probably and get a better price. That kind of made sense, so I called the second one and asked why it was so much more than number one (#1 = 350, #2 = 550). He came out and said that he was quoting for over the rails and a material called tuff grip, not hardline and I pretty much said, "why not quote me both materials?!". Hell, I did not know there were 2 types.....
He apologized and I went back to number one and asked how much for each type. He said 50 dollars difference. Oh my GOD... Now it doesn't make sense again. Now pissed, but not complaining I went back to number two and explained that I need to know EXACTLY what I get for the price in regards to material, amount of material, and what it covers....

He said NO problem and gave me a quote that said "spray kit deluxe - 200 mil complete coverage"... I asked what does that mean and he started complaining about the questions and he is just being direct and I should compare the thickness.... So, I went back to number one (trust me, feeling scammed by this point) and showed him the quote. He said there was no product that coated 300 mils standard and if this was done, it would be VERY expensive. Plus I would probably have complaints because there would be a loss in cargo space.... So, now feeling like the other guy scammed me I signed with applicator number one for my spray bed liner.
I felt like I had done my research when. My wife could NOT complain about me being impulsive... I was not going to get scammed and regret it. YEAH!!!
Not so fast - I was not out of the bushes yet.... So, my lovely wife is looking at bed liners online and I told her I was going with RHino Lining (with a smile on my face and a confident grin). She pulls up a search on google.... First result for VIDEO is youtube.... Say no to rhino lining... crap.. Now my truck is there already, they are working on it, my wife doesn't trust them, I feel like an idiot telling the guy at the shop to stop just because of a video. Rhino Lining is huge and does not have that many complaints against them. That's when I start hearing about applicator's scamming consumers and how lack of experience causes serious complaints with lining jobs.
Now what?

I get the truck back... whew, It looks great..... Thank GODDDDDDDD.

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psdconsumerspraybedliner ( on 19/12/13 )

Attitude : Neutral Send Mail

I have called spray bedliner companies looking for prices on polyurea and I am not getting straight answers from any of them. My main complaint with spray-lining products are : letting me know what the real product is, giving me reasonable pricing on less than 100 gallons of material. Also, now with colored bed liner and people wanting the outside of their vehicles lined, I am having a harder time finding all the equipment and extra things I need to be successful. Customers are complaining...

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