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Live Lines UK Limited Complaints - Live Lines UK Limited Cheapest Trusted Psychics Un-ethical and a risk to vulnerable people calling psychic lines.

This company offered my daughter and I jobs as psychic readers with their company.

(1) We were not asked to give a test reading to test our integrity, which is worrying given that vulnerable members of the public call psychic lines for help and guidance in a crisis.

(2) They charged us £10 to train us (when we were already trained to read on premium rate psychic lines), during which they told us to "keep callers on as long as possible", which is against regulations for premium rate telephone lines in the UK see:

Where it states quite clearly:

"Why complain about a premium rate serviceYou may want to complain about a premium rate service for one of the following reasons:the cost of the text or call isn’t stated misleading claims are made about the service the content is offensive the service is unnecessarily long which makes it expensive a prize is promised but isn’t delivered a request to stop the service is ignored"

(3) We were told during training to quote: "Tell people what they wanted to hear, even if it isn't the truth, so that people don't commit suicide and they go off the call happy and smiling and more inclined to come back for more, bumping up the earnings".

People phone these lines for expert guidance and support in all manner of life crises, often in place of consulting a psychologist or trained therapist. Many of them in a financial crisis, where they can ill afford to be kept on the phone for long periods of time paying anything between 46p to £1.53 per minute.

This company has gone viral in all UK national magazines, often with full pages plastered with their ads, ads that say:

"Cheapest Trusted Psychics" from only 46p per minute call 0906 360 7303"

"Affordable Psychics Cheap call only 46p per minute Cheapest Call 0904 007 0990"

"Psychics 46p per minute You deserve true HAPPINESS All Questions Answered call Now 0904 007 0988"

"Uk's Cheapest Psychics, Mediums & Clairvoyants Incredibly Breathaking Cheap Psychic Readings 46p per minute Call Now: 0904 007 0482"

"Cheapest Trusted Psychics Mediums, Psychic Tarot Cheap Call 0906 360 7315"

"UK's leading Expert Team of Love Specialists - Love Psychics & Mediums" Cheap Call 0904 007 0551"

"UK's Cheapest Ultimate Psychics & Clairvoyants only 46p per minute Call Now: 0904 007 0562"

"Welcome to the UK's Cheapest Spiritual Healing for the mind body and soul 46p per minute 0904 007 0020"

"Text World Class Psychics"Text HOPE to 67111 today!"

"Clairvoyants Psychics Mediums Affordable Amazing Readings 46p per minute as seen on TV Cheap Call 0904 007 0563"

They advertise most of their ads and claims on their web site:

On their recruitment web site they claim to pay readers £10 per hour see:

(4) The truth is that they pay readers 16p per minute which equates to £9.60 per hour. So not only to they make false claims to readers but they are misleading the general public.

(5) My daughter and I were NOT asked if we were spiritual healers, or pet psychics or love psychics and yet once we had signed up with them they put our profiles as readers on all pages of their web site, which was misleading the public into believing that we did all of these things, since each page listed psychics apparently able to offer all of these services.


Every reader who works for them is on every page of their web site, leading people to believe that all of these people can do all of the things they claim to offer on each page.

Many psychics do not have any expert knowledge of astrology, yet all of their listed readers are on the their Horoscope page:

Not all readers are spiritual healers but this company claims to offer this service, no doubt by all of their readers. Claiming:

"Welcome to the UK's Cheapest Spiritual Healing for the mind body and soul 46p per minute 0904 007 0020"

It is against the law in the UK to claim to heal when you have no ability in this field to do so!

(6) We were told when we applied for jobs with this company that it was NOT compulsory to have to work a set shift with them, like a night shift running from midnight through until 6am, but once they had us signed up, we were given a night shift to work and abused when we told them that we could not work this shift pattern, and then ultimatums were launched, and we found ourselves being bullied into working this shift, so we quit and then had to haggle for our wages which was a pittance and they still insisted on charging us £10 each for the training which we didn't need since we have worked premium rate lines before and the training lasted all of 10 minutes and we were trained in the same phone call with our phones on speaker phone, saving the cost of them training us separately.

(7) I worked 194 minutes @ 16p per minute which should have earned me £31.04
My daughter had problems logging on to their lines but she worked 21 minutes @ 46p per minute and this should have earned her £3.36 in the end I was paid £12.37 and my daughter was paid NOTHING.
We are in a financial crisis at present and every penny counts, so they seem to be ripping off readers as well as the general public.

(8) There is a ruling in the UK that all psychic companies should state that their services are "For entertainment purposes only" in all of their advertising, but everyone knows that vulnerable people will still call these lines in desperation for guidance and many of them hanging on every word spoken by psychics.

(9)There needs to be a complete overhaul of the psychic industry in the UK, which is still too lax and doing little to protect vulnerable people from abuse.

(10) The time which my daughter and I spent working for this company could have been better spent working for a more ethical and considerate company, and the clients we read for claimed that when they tried to input a readers pin number they never got the psychic that they wanted, and yet the company tells readers to quote their pin number at the end of the call. So this is misleading to the public also.

(11)This company advertises in the following UK psychic magazines:

"Spirit & Destiny Magazine"
"Soul & Spirit Magazine"
"Chat its Fate"
"Fate & Fortune"

To name but a few.

They also advertise in major UK glossy magazines like "Marie Claire".

Something needs to be done to put a stop to this abuse before anyone else is harmed or abused. It is far too easy to set up a psychic company in the UK and make false claims, not to mention abusing readers.

I hope that our courage in filing this report will prevent others from harm.

This rogue companies business web sites are:

Thanks for reading. Please steer well clear of them.


missy2167 ( on 02/10/12 )

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I am a psychic counsellor and I have worked for livelines for almost a year. I had to submit copies of my professional qualifications in counselling plus I was asked to do two readings for office staff before I was allowed to go live. I am paid regularly and I have never had a problem wth this. The office staff that I have spoken to have always been courtious and professional.
I think that you may have been removed from the webste and the company when they found out that you were not...

Milton5a ( on 24/10/12 )

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I have work for livelines & i am surprised at this complaint. They tell you in the contract that you have to do a night shift and that you are charged £10 for training that comes out of your first set of wages. They will not put you on the service without the contract? Their service is the cheapest out there some companies charge 1.50 per min. I have always been paid but like it says in the contract if you earn under £10 it is forwarded onto the next pay. I think any person seeking answers...

Trusted46cheappsychics ( on 08/08/13 )

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Totally agree that the companies Trusted Psychics 46p Etc have psychic readers that are not experienced and genuine.

Trusted46cheappsychics ( on 08/08/13 )

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I know that the people who run the cheap 46p per min psychic companies are bullies who treat their customers like rubbish on the phone. I tried to find out how they managed to get my personal mobile phone number and I was spoken too really rudely. The rudeness still continued even though the customer service clerk knew that my mum had recently died. I had swear words texted to my mobile phone from Livelines when they were advertising adult services.

naeway ( on 15/09/13 )

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I have spoken to few so called psychics on this site,not one of them got their so called predictions right,they are no more psychic than my puppy,nice people to talk too BUT psychic i dont think so,yes its a business who are after your money and take it from vurnable people who beleive what they are told,most profiles on their are tarot readers or their great aunt was psychic,if you have money to burn then ring them or listen to a stranger on trusted psychics who knows nothing more than you do.

Anne ( on 23/08/14 )

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I am surprised at the negative comments. I work for livelines and the contract clearly stated that a night shift was expected and that money earned under £10 would be paid the following payday. I have always been paid on time and correctly.

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