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Four months ago, I applied for the home loan modification for the third time. During the four-month waiting period, I've spoken
to several BOA representatives in which I was assured that all required documents had been received and that a decision would
be made shortly. Now, after four months, I finally get a letter stating that they are unable to offer me any loan assistance because
Bank of America has decided that our "hardship" is over and we no longer need assistance. After reading other customers ' reviews concerning the loan modification process, I am now convinced that BOA does not want to help customers
- they just want to take your money and your home in the end.
We have been working on a loan mod since 2010. We have been asked to send in paperwork over and over again. Every time we go home, there is another FedEx package on the door requesting more information. When we call to ask questions, we are being told that it's being reviewed. I would like to know what our rights are and where is all that help they say is out there? I would love to find a lawyer who is ready, willing, and able to go after our rights for us. We have asked for help, but no one seems to care. The banks just want to foreclose on these homes because they are not helping customers who are trying to save their homes. What happened to all
that money for the bailouts the banks got? Where is the help?

Bank of America did whatever they could possibly do to drag on this process as long as they wanted to, so that they can use this technicality and deny our modification. They had no intention in helping us. BOA is the worst bank ever and do not care about their consumers.

I have come to find out that it's a BoA common practice in order to avoid any modifications. They are not only wasting the customers' time and efforts, but they are also deceiving and misleading them. We are not talking about one or two unhappy customers there are thousands of them. I believe that BoA is dishonest and they should be audited by the government on their accounting practices on this matter since BoA got our bailout money and agreed to participate on the government's home affordable program to help people who are eligible to modify their home mortgages.

We were denied because Bank of America has decided that our "hardship" is over and we no longer need assistance. We can only
hope that officials at Bank of America have similar issues and that judgment for them after almost 2 years is a denial as well.
Shame on them! I will follow this through to the highest extent I am able to. They cannot keep doing this to the people who really need help! 3000 complaint on this web page

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