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Permanent General Assurance Corporation Complaints - Money was stolen for 4 months!!

My car insurance company has been stealing money from me for 4 months now and i have no idea where to turn to now. My car insurance companies name is "permanent general assurance corporation" i have been with them for over a year now but they recently started taking money from me. Every month I was supposed to pay around 240.00 for 2 vehicles, we sold 1 vehicle and should have only had to pay 140.00 a month roughly, they have charged us for the past 4 months that we haven't even owned the vehicle the same 240 some odd dollars. We told them to cancel the insurance on it and they kept telling us "we do not have enough proof to fulfill your request for the cancellation".......what proof would you need to cancel insurance? none. Over the several years I have been driving i have never had to get proof of anything just to drop insurance except to make sure to turn in plates beforehand so you do not get a flag on your license but we didn't stop there, we went to the DMV 4 times and got a paper from them every time, we sent the insurance company that paperwork every time and they still said not enough proof, finally i went back to the dmv and showed them the most recent statement from them saying it wasn't enough proof and the guy from the dmv personally wrote them a note this time saying that we did turn the plates/tags in and on what day and he left his personal number for them to contact if any more problems persisted. Once we turned that paperwork from him into the insurance company they finally dropped our insurance back to what it should have been for 4 months prior. Every time we contacted the company they always said they were working on it, or that papers were still going through but nothing ever happened for 4 straight months, one time we called them and someone else answered the phone and the guy said that the papers were pushed to the side! what kind of company is this? they have been scamming me and stealing my money they should have put the papers through and dealt with it accordingly so this business definitely needs to be looked at. Well now that we finally have the regular monthly amount coming out we told them that we need the back pay for the money that they took, well over 300.00 they owe us back. Stephanie Gepner is the woman we have been dealing with and she told us okay no problem i will stop the automatic payments and after they have stopped it will be credited to your insurance, i told them no. i want my money back that was stolen from me. she said okay i can do that for you. so after about another 2 weeks go by we finally get a hold of another person and they tell me they do not do back pay, so i asked for their supervisor and they said they don't do back pay again, only credit to the accounts, i will not stand for that, i was robbed of that money it should never have left my account to begin with so Stephanie gepner says sure i will give you back pay and these other workers say no they don't do that. We have dropped a vehicle from this company once before and never had this problem, all we said was "hey we would like to drop this insurance" and they said okay and it was gone but for this vehicle they wouldn't let us delete it nor stop stealing money from us even after all the proof we had given them. When i asked why wont i be given the money back they said because there was a remaining balance on that vehicle i asked what balance they said i had to finish paying the premium insurance for that vehicle even though i hadn't had it for FOUR months later, you never have to finish paying money on coverage when you don't even have the vehicle. So with this company i went from hearing 2 excuses, one was "we don't do back pay" the other excuse is "you had to finish paying off the insurance on a vehicle you weren't going to own for the next 4 months"...

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