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Avalanche Property Management L.L.C Co. Complaints - NOT BBB Accredited as Advertised! Job Not Completed. Beware!

My husband and I recently hired a man by the name of Cody with Avalanche Property Management L.L.C Co. who claimed to be a BBB accredited member by using the BBB trademark in his profile picture on ( I've submitted a screenshot of that webpage to I hired him based on his "BBB accreditation and numerous 4 and 5 star reviews on

On December 3, 2014, we hired Cody and Scott off of to come out and demo a poorly laid concrete slab in our backyard. His bid got my attention with the promise of laying sod after the completion of the demo. Our agreed price was $675. So I hired him. After I hired him, he informed me that there would be a $100 travel charge since he would be coming from Sugar Land and our house is in Kingwood. I told him that I had not budgeted for this. Side note: I would not have hired him for $775). I offered to pay him $700 and it was set.

Cody arrived 15 minutes late and with no sod. He explained to me that his sod guy didn't have the sod in stock so he would have to come back to lay it...with another additional $100 charge. This was very upsetting to me and I expressed my frustration on the matter as it would have been in my best interest to hire someone else at this point.

He left for another job and his hired help completed the job. When I came back several hours later, he was still not there. I called him and explained that I would only be paying him for a partial job. He said ABSOLUTELY NOT. He DEMANDED the payment in full. If I had been paying in cash, I might have only left $350 insuring he would come and finish the job, but since it was a check, I was not comfortable with him having so much personal information. I was also afraid he might vandalize my home before leaving should I have not paid him in full or bring harm to me or my family in some way... He was very threatening.

None of this seemed consistent with ANY of the other BBB businesses I had hired in the past... So this is when I did a little digging.

After searching for him in the BBB database and making a phone call to the BBB, I have concluded that he is indeed NOT accredited with the BBB.

I'm submitting this complaint so hopefully Cody is held accountable for his actions and other trusting individuals look elsewhere for a task to be completed.

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