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Legal Disclaimer: What is written in this posting, letter is based on our Kristi and Mike Hoover’s opinion based solely upon our own personal experience, facts that can be legally backed up, and observations, experienced at D&J Shady Rest Campground of Kirkwood, PA. This is our legal right. This Legal Disclaimer will be posted again within this posting should it be altered by the parties directly involved.
We had come to D&J Shady Rest RV Campground of Kirkwood, PA with the understanding that it was spacious and the owner (Linda) claimed she had isolated sites that were isolated from people and other animals, she made this clear before we ever got here to PA and after the run in with her and her husband she suddenly changed her tune (story) and we will state exactly how. This was stated by her mind you before we came to the campground and actually checked in from Indiana and again after we arrived at D&J Shady Rest RV Campground. Our reason as repeatedly explained to her before and after our arrival for an isolated RV/campsite was that we have a special needs dog that “requires” isolation, because he has Separation Anxiety and is on Prozac from the Veterinarian, as he has been under their treatment, care and carefully monitored for it for almost the last 2 years. He also has a weak heart that cannot take a lot of stress, tension, and over exertions from noise, unneeded disturbances, i.e. children screaming, adults yelling (drunks), parties, etc. We presented this fact first and foremost and were honest about it and we also stated that our dog Gilligan is a Lab mix with a little Boxer and Pit-bull and is a Parvo and MRSA survivor, he had it as a 8 week old puppy, it almost killed him but in the process of fighting it for nearly 3 months, it weakened his heart even if he didn’t have Separation Anxiety he would have still required an isolated RV campsite so he wouldn’t get overtly worked up over nothing. There are RV trailer parks that have completely isolated sections (sites) because we have been to several of them across the US even before adopting Gilligan regardless of what this Linda, Ken and their tenant friends may say or think. But then again who can take realistically the word or advice of “some” these tenant friends (people) who can barely stand on their two legs “some of the time” let alone talk without a slurred tongue and their only hope and answers seems to be at the bottom of a alcoholic beverage can, bottle, or glass for anything and everything? In other words their perception, judgment, and reasoning is influenced and off and is clearly NOT reliable as they exhibited on their own by their own actions and character openly portrayed. Gilligan has to stay calm, and remain calm in a serene atmosphere and environment; no waves or unneeded stress or tension is needed. Quote unquote “she claimed the most isolated site she had was in the back by the pavilion and near the playground.” I had my suspicions of it not being isolated enough and voiced them from the start in which she reassured me that we wouldn’t be bothered and neither would our animals. Playgrounds attract children and she handed us a sheet of activities printed out along with the monthly rental agreement before ever getting settled into our site. Majority of all activities happened in the pavilion according to her hand out. Linda seemed to get irritated when I even dared to even question her, even her body language spoke this, especially when she got told of her faulty electrical when we tried to plug in for the first time into their electrical socket outlet and even she saw the electrical socket outlet arcing and we refused to risk our trailer with a faulty electrical socket outlet of theirs, and begrudgingly said she would have it replaced “by the end of the week.” Even one of the tenants who does free work on the side in the park who was with Linda that day who helped us get parked into the RV campsite claimed along with Linda that they were using it the day before and “claimed it worked just fine”. Linda’s husband, Ken a so-called master plumber and co-owner to this RV Park tried to claim that our refrigerator was causing the meter to draw excessively when they had us plug into a 20 amp wall socket attached to the pole of the pavilion. We never had problems before with our refrigerator even at our last trailer park. We were told that we couldn’t run our AC unit because they were worried about how much current the AC would draw. Then Ken criticized us for even using a whole house surge protector for our protection, its cheap insurance to poor electrical grid’s in some parks, because simply put some trailer parks are notorious for power surges that can be very costly, after viewing a posting after the fact of moving in to this D&J Shady Rest RV Campground that was posted according to Yahoo nearly a month ago, apparently electrical problems here are no stranger either. Our trailer has 30 amp service, they made us wait for nearly 2 ½ weeks to replace their bad electrical socket and meter in which we sweltered in the heat from the onset of summer heat along with our 4 dogs. I am on medication that cannot be sweated out either; they endangered my health too along with our animals. Our surge protector that has a monitor on it showed that the outlet had a faulty ground to begin with. After they replaced the bad electrical socket and meter, strange enough the new meter moved at a whole lot slower rate than the old one, and my husband mentioned this to Ken and he walked off grumbling under his breath. Needless to say unless you are used to living in a sardine can in our opinion this RV campground is the furthest thing from being spacious and none of the sites are isolated or level they all require more blocking than what is required, everything is packed in and I have the pictures to prove it too, including pictures of bad electrical socket outlets, (a hazard), to public showers that require .75 cents to take one (in their postings on Facebook and on the internet they list that they have hot and cold running water showers in their bathhouses, but they “do not” list that you have to pay for them either, you find this out after the fact and after you move in, this also includes non-handicap friendly restrooms and shower facilities. And they want to talk about liabilities concerning our dog?? Without our dog doing anything they have brought this on themselves alone when it comes to “liabilities” without any help from us or our dog, because these “liabilities” they have were here before we ever arrived at D&J Shady Rest RV Campground just to get down to the legal brass facts of the matter. Needless to say it was an effort to even back in our trailer without damage to our vehicle and our trailer. It took 4 people (Linda, Me, and 2 other tenants) to help direct Mike back in the trailer into the RV campsite we were in and it took 4 4x8x16 cinder block bricks to level out the tongue, it took to level the trailer fore and aft 3 more of the same bricks on one side of the stabilizer jacks and another under the other side, and the wheels have 2 more bricks under them to try to level it as well and it still was not level, in time this alone can eventually ruin a refrigerating unit in a travel trailer, thankfully we were not here long enough for it to happen to ours. And this was after this owner, Linda claimed while we were trying our hardest to just park the trailer in the site that she claimed she didn’t know if the sites were level or not while when we saw every other trailer in the park in one way or another were on unstable footing that required lots of blockings and support. Despite that the first thing we noted about the site aside from the fact that it was as unleveled as the rest and learned after the fact that she and her husband Ken according to a more favorable posting have been managers at this trailer park for nearly 16 years. And yet she claimed and told us upon moving in nearly 3 weeks ago that she didn’t know if the sites were level or not after being a manager for 16 years in this same trailer park? In our opinion they have “lied” about everything from day one all in the name for their greed of money at any cost. When caught in a story, fact or questioned Linda or Ken would try to change their stories and tunes and developed an attitude for even being asked or questioned, thinking they could get away with it. It’s strange that they don’t have any “thumbs downs” on their Facebook site yet on the Internet Search Engines it’s a whole different story, maybe it’s because they cannot block it off the net unlike their Facebook site. The worst thing that could possibly ever happen happened with our special needs dog (Gilligan) that Linda was forewarned about from the start before ever coming to D&J Shady Rest RV Campground. She put us in the most busiest congested area ever in the park, to the point that “all” our animals including ourselves were virtual prisoners in our own trailer, being dictated to by other people (neighbors) when we could and could not walk our dogs without being confined, harassed and provoked. To the point that our animals sometimes had to potty on pee pads just to satisfy their clientele in this park, so our animals would not be disturbed or harassed or stared down by strangers when we took them outside on a leash as always, opposed to dogs being tied up unattended on a leash as we repeatedly encountered in which nothing is posted in their rules either. Our animals as well as ourselves were consistently harassed, abused, antagonized and discriminated against, especially if we disagreed on anything that would share a difference of an opinion in this so-called trailer park. Do we hear animal cruelty as well? From our observation freedom of movement and speech is restricted in this place especially again if you don’t agree with the managers/owners, owner’s tenant friend’s (clonies) on everything without threat of repercussions. Anyway our special needs dog somehow got loose off his leash, collar, and harness we had 2 leashes on him, we thought it was safe to take him outside for a small potty break being that he had been forced to stay inside practically all day due to the neighbors across the way in space number #60 having their dog tied up outside unattended for most of the day even though they were home, they left their dog outside unattended. For once our neighbor’s dog was brought inside and we saw an opportunity to take Gilligan outside, without the neighbor’s dog Samson trying to lunge at him on his long tether. We had looked everywhere before taking Gilligan outside to make sure no one was in sight. In our opinion based on our observations Gilligan and all of us were set up, doomed to eventual failure as we were sucker punched by this RV Park and its dishonest managers/owners and some of the tenants as proven obvious. Don’t get us wrong we did meet some nice people there who were not part of this owner’s/management clique of tenant friends. We are not going to mince words either but Gilligan went after another dog that was in the area that startled him at first until he found out it was a female in heat. He has never been put into this kind of situation before and has had an outstanding history from ALL his Veterinarians which can be proven, because he is under consistent treatment in which his treatment was put to task literally. Gilligan’s treatment is for Anxiety it’s not Aggression and his treatment is not a cure either, that’s why it’s ongoing and is monitored closely by real Veterinarians in real hospitals, not an “armchair jury of clique residents who are friends of the owners/managers” who hold no college educational degree in Veterinary practices, other than flapping their jaws influenced by what they were or have been drinking visibly by their alcoholic beverages. And because of this his Prozac has been altered again thanks to this RV trailer park owners/managers and their obsessive greed for money at whatever costs disregarding all known warnings and requests from the start, not to mention he was just getting to the point of trusting people again, and now all that progress has been flushed down the toilet by these inconsiderate, selfish people. The other dog who was a female dog that he went after according to its owners suffered being “drooled on, no bites or blood was drawn” according to them, we spent an hour or so getting to know them afterwards and learned that they were contractors and that this last Memorial Day weekend would be their last days here anyway and that they would be going home. The owners of this female dog also said that the neighbor across from us had his dog (Samson in space number #60 we were in space #58) get loose who was also is a male that looked similar to our dog, he got loose twice in the same day and that Samson had gone after their female dog both times prior (they informed Linda and Ken of this also and so did we) of ours getting loose of course this neighbor across from us was here longer than we were, naturally we were accused for that too, or our dog was. And the neighbors who helped in influencing Linda’s and Ken’s decision regardless of a Veterinarians judgment and college experience appointed themselves to be judge, jury, and executioner based on their personal experiences in the past and their lack of common knowledge and sense concerning biology and chemistry concerning female hormones and male hormones. They were even bullying against me while I was alone taking a walk and they were refusing to listen to common sense basing it on the fact that we could not distract Gilligan’s attention because of the scent of the female in heat that was there and they were trying their best to convince me to get rid of my dog because he went after a female in heat and the fact that we couldn’t control him or his hormones. It was very hard to get Gilligan back inside after he first met that other female dog. It was the first time he went after any other dog outside the home other than our own female dog when she is in heat. As I told one neighbor from Maine, (who was not part of the clique but actually a very nice family who cared, listened and understood) if Gilligan had wanted to seriously hurt that female dog in heat he would have upon first meeting her, but he didn’t. When I even dared to mention that to the clique of tenant friends of Linda’s and Ken that they suggest the same actions against the other male dog Samson in space #60 who got loose twice that same day, they walked away from me claiming their dinner was ready and threw their hands up at me, all 5 of them. It didn’t matter that our dog Gilligan had been under treatment and that Linda was legally forewarned from the start that he required isolation. In other words I was under attack as well as my dog by a jury of half intoxicated neighbors and we were both discriminated against. They were even questioning the Vet for whether or not the medicine would work which has worked for almost the last 2 years that simply needed adjusting. At one point I was afraid for my own safety as vindictive as they were for me to disagree with them concerning their overwhelming verdict against my dog in their half intoxicated state and frame of mind, because there was only one of me who does not drink due to my Epileptic Medicine and Religious beliefs and 5 of them. For what it is worth according to our Veterinarian at Banfields “for two different male dogs to get loose and go after this same particular female dog in the same day it was an act of dominance and male hormones, especially since it would appear that the female dog was in heat (also confirmed by her owners) regardless of her being on a leash, her scent was that overpowering.” And that is nobody’s fault; if they want to blame somebody in their drunken half intoxicated state and frame of mind try blaming Mother Nature, as one intoxicated neighbor claimed he tried to accuse me and the Vet of talking of “dynamics of the situation”. Our Veterinarian concluded saying that “Gilligan was put into a “no win” situation (and I feel the same way being that I was put up to the firing squad in this trailer park) by the choice of the owners and management of this RV campground and some of their crony, clique, tenant friends”. Our Vet recommended our relocating to a safer and healthier environment for the safety, protection and wellbeing. These half intoxicated, drunken neighbors (clique tenant friends of the owners/management) tried telling me about Gilligan being a liability same as Linda amazing how their stories coincided and the fact that Linda had been sued before. Well, they might as well get rid of me too under the same pretenses, because I am a liability too even though I am an Epileptic and am on medicine that does its best to control my seizures most of the time, not always and when I lose control in a seizure I am out of control of my actions because my seizures are sometimes violent and I swing out, thrash, hit, bite, etc. I loose complete control over my body functions to the point that I don’t know what I am doing or how much time goes by. But none the less I am under a medical doctor’s care so you tell me what the difference is. I don’t even know if I accidently physically hurt someone else in a seizure or if I even do it to myself until after I come out the seizure. So why not, put me down as well and kick me out because I am a liability as well? That makes as much sense as putting a child down because they bit somebody on a first time offence. I’ve had more seizures than our dog ever has had in getting loose off his leash, harness and collar on a first time offense. Wow! What a revelation! But why not, management here apparently has no grace or mercy as well as some of their clique tenant friends that they to have an escape goat to save face and heaven forbid if one of their own “favorites” in the park should do something wrong especially their dog, it would seem that its easier to blame the newcomers instead of listening to reason and face responsibility and liable facts. This place has exhibited clearly no mercy and a one way street when it comes to policies. Do we also hear defamation of character and good ole’ boyism as well? The day after this incident happened Linda’s husband Ken took his small dogs and walked them through our campsite with our special needs dog being outside early in the day to avoid conflict, he was wearing a choker collar, harness, and a regular collar with 3 leashes just to make sure we wouldn’t have any repeats. We told Linda and Ken we would take him out earlier to avoid conflicts, big mistake. Naturally our dog alerted and this creep of a manager in my opinion Ken kept walking past trying to antagonize, harass, and provoke our dog who was already upset, into a fight, Ken would not stop it after he was told to. We begged him to get his dogs away for their safety, being that we hadn’t had the chance to get our dog into the Vet since it was a holiday. We didn’t get him in until 5/27/13 because they were closed; to find out what was wrong for benefit of the doubt and to get a “real verdict from a real doctor”, opposed to in our opinion an “armchair discussion group of tenants in a cheap and shady trailer park”. Talk about character assignation too, and they want to still talk about liabilities? Nearly 2 hours after the second incident with Ken that happened on Sunday 5/26/2013 we were “texted” to come to the office by Linda and given an ultimatum. Because we refused to submit to their “crooked ways in this park” we have been told to get rid of our special needs dog that Linda referred to as a “pit” when he is a Lab mix or vacate. “These owners created this situation all in the name of their greed and selfishness of money by not telling us the truth to begin with and we get to pay for it along with all our animals; it could have been avoided “if Linda had been honest with us from the start.” There is no acceptable excuse for this. This was expressed to the (in my opinion) “armchair jury of drunken neighbors, her clonies” in which they all eventually threw their hands up at me and walked away because they couldn’t get me to bow down and kiss all their big fat butt’s as well as Linda’s and Ken’s by abiding by their decisions and justifying them without them knowing all the facts first. “If I want their opinion I will give it to them with legal facts to back it, because that is how I work, strait as an arrow”. Her husband Ken, after we left the office Sunday had a smug look upon his face after he tried to bully us physically while we were walking on foot to our truck while he was driving a small front end loader of a tractor and he made me trip when I could barely walk due to the bruising from an epileptic seizure, I was trying to avoid being hit by him, he threatened both of us forcing, pushing us into their flower bed in threatening manner, with the same smug look he had on his face after he harassed us and our dog earlier that day at our campsite. If they had been honest from the start we would have gone somewhere else and had a whole lot better experience than what they have dished out from the very start. Linda also changed her story when we said we weren’t going to get rid of our dog and insisted that we had to be out by Wednesday 5/29/2013 even though we were paid up to 6/5/2013 and according to their own printed rules the owners/management has to give a written notice of 7 days to vacate the premises, in which they violated their own written rules because they did not, because obviously she is used to getting her way whether it’s right or wrong, as well as her husband. And they want to talk about liabilities still, really? She originally told us that by Wednesday to let her know what we decided we were going to do. What a crook and a liar in our opinion which is no surprise at this point! Also as a result of the tension and stress they inflicted on me personally, I had a Grand Mal Seizure on 5/25/2013 that caused me to bruise over 50 percent of my body (bruised ribs, bruised arms, bruised knees, swollen hands, multiple cuts) outside in their gravel, on their property and I have to report it to my doctor because the bruises and cuts are obvious and are not going to disappear overnight either because I get to see my doctor this Wednesday, thank God I have insurance but my medical doctor is still going to want to know how I got so banged up, which is something that cannot be hidden or lied about either. And Linda and Ken has the nerve to talk about liabilities and lawsuits and being concerned about somebody else suing her? Anyway we had to hold my dog and hug him and calm him down while this in our opinion sick bullyboy of an individual and owner Ken antagonized, provoked, and harassed us by disregarding our cries to leave us alone along with his dogs, with my badly bruised body was hugging Gilligan keeping him calm. I hope this place folds and returns back to the Amish, it deserves what it gets while it’s a campground and as for this D&J Shady Rest RV Campground everybody locally seems to know them in a bad way and I am not just saying that based out of our experiences or our hard feelings either but out of admission out of these owners mouths they claimed they have had to start charging an extra $395 deposit because they claimed that too many people have left without paying their electricity before the end of the month. Not to condone what some people may or may have not done in bailing out of this trailer park but I think after what we have been put through from the start within the few weeks we have been here I think I can understand why, in our opinion it’s a dive, kind of like an old book with a new dust jacket cover put on it to deceive newcomers. It’s all summed up in one word “fraudulent dishonesty, false advertising”. Avoid this D&J Shady Rest RV Campground, the name “Shady” seems to be very applicable to this place in more ways than one. Avoid this place like the plague there are far better places in the Heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country and better people. Nobody deserves what we have been put through, that’s why this has been posted. People are actually afraid to speak out against this horrible place because one they have a lot of people the owners are friends with in the park (cronies) and two others are silenced into submission by threats, false accusations, and bullied as we have been, however we will not go quietly into the abyss of the night concerning this matter, again that’s why this detailed post was written. God will plead our cause as He already has begun, God has been good to Gilligan I am not about to apologize for Gilligan being a male dog with hormones as much as it is not my fault for being an Epileptic and being born with the family history of Epilepsy. In reality the people who own the female dog in my opinion being that they knew she was in heat and it attracted two different male dogs should have kept her within their own campsite, because Samson and Gilligan would have probably never gotten lose to begin with if they weren’t tempted by the female dog’s heat scent that day. You can bet that this D&J Shady Rest RV Campground is going to try to hide this post especially if they see it and they may even threaten us (this post alone doesn’t even include the pictures to back our accusations and evidence against this D&J Shady Rest RV Campground, this post is only the tip of the iceberg), the residents were already trying to find out where we were going to upon leaving, it’s really none of their business. This post was written truthfully and nothing is hidden as it was to us prior to coming to D&J Shady Rest RV Campground trailer park by them. It is called betrayal to condemn the innocent for something they cannot control especially on a first time offence especially my Epilepsy and my dog’s Separation Anxiety and his breed. The funny thing about truth is, no matter how much you try to hide it; it always gets out in the open especially when the Lord is in it. We were very fortunate to get back the refund we did. Despite getting the refund of our deposit back we will still warn people of this D&J Shady Rest RV Campground, like we said nobody deserves what we went through. Also this posting is very detailed because it was written by a former Health and Sanitation Inspector of Snohomish County, WA (me, Kristi Hoover) and who is also the granddaughter of the former Chief of Police in Wichita, KS who was also a FBI agent who has friends everywhere including in Pennsylvania. We will not tolerate threats or repercussions for stating the truth from this so-called D&J Shady Rest RV Park and its clientele and appropriate legal precautions have been already taken to insure that in our behalf and safety. This posting was written by me, but also with my husband’s input. As always God will have the victory in this one, because He is the one to praise regardless during the good times and the bad times. May God deal with this trailer park as He see’s fit. We thank you sincerely for taking the time for reading our long post; we just wanted people to know of what we have been put through and hope and pray others do not have to experience it as well. God has provided a place for us to go to; we will leave it at that. Legal Disclaimer: What is written in this posting, letter is based on our Kristi and Mike Hoover’s opinion based solely upon our own personal experience, facts that can be legally backed up, and observations, experienced at D&J Shady Rest Campground of Kirkwood, PA. This is our legal right. This Legal Disclaimer will be posted again within this posting should it be altered by the parties directly involved.

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