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Evony LLC, Regan Mercantile Complaints - Online Gaming company using threat of account closure to quiet customers

Last week my ip was stolen by a man who is in an enemy alliance (to me) in the online game, Evony. Evony is a wealthy company that has hundreds of servers and many paying to play members. A package on evony costs $30.00 for the typical sized package though they have larger packages exceeding $1,000. I myself am a paying player, I used to buy more packages than I have in the past few months. Evony has always been known for their stingy ways and poor customer service but recently has outdone themselves to me. Before i get started on the details let me say this, I have found no working phone number or means to communicate with anyone in charge at Evony other than one man (Thalin aka Phil) who lets people dip their hands in the cookie jar and does not treat his customers fairly.

This same man who stole my IP is also a player who monopolizes the server, running thousands (yeah i just said THOUSANDS) of accounts to feed his main army, hacked my net so that a person in his alliance could hit me. This man has been to federal prison for hacking hundreds of military and government webpages while working as one of the leaders to a group named "world of hell", a group of hackers who pride themselves in being able to hack even the most secure sites. According to the federal probation and parole board located here in SE Virginia, this man is currently no longer being supervised by the federal government. Now aside from feeling very violated over someone tampering with my computer and my internet connection I am outraged at the way evony customer support has been treating me. They have ignored my complaints and closed their eyes to the evidence i have submitted to them. I was in a voice call when it happened and I saved screen shots of the skype conversation. Later that day i got passed a screen shot of a conversation in this mans alliance where he not only admits to doing it but brags about it as well. I reported this in detail to evony and they have refused to do anything even though this player clearly has broken not only their rules and tos but also the law. I should mention that 98% of the people on my server run bots because evony has allowed people such as this man, game name mistake, aka hacker, and a few others like him to utilize every possible cheat, hack and exploit and the rest of us are forced to run bots just to try to stay alive from this massive rule breaking player. Anyway after a few mails back and forth with evony, and submitting ALOT of legit, indisputable evidence I received this mail today:

"Phil ยท Dec 12 2012, 01:18 PM


There are a few things going on here. First any data you send us from 3rd party sources can be doctored and we cannot take action on it. 2nd as we already stated to you if you use Bots other players can have your login data.

Which brings us to our 3rd point,are you serious? Your using a bot, your alliance is using bots, your already sharing your accout info with your alliance. How many more rules are you going to break.

In case you are not the brightest tool in the shed, we will tell you one more time, contact your local police department if you feel any laws have been broken. We cannot take action on skype, or on conversations recorded using cheat software for our game.

This account is also now on final warning status, if anyone but you accesses the account your account will be closed, if you break any rules your account will be closed.

CSR Thantium"

I am too afraid to respond as I dont want to see my account closed after the time and money I have put into it. But wow. I find it sickening that this company not only ignores crime going on through their server but enables it by allowing this player to continue his unfair rampage in a game that other pay for and would like to enjoy too.

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