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This is not a complaint but rather a review of the Piccadilly Circus, Christmas Circus which I took my son (who is 9) to see on December 7, 2012 in Ocala, FL at the Ocala Equestrian Complex. The price for the 2 of us was $25.

The ticket said the show was supposed to start at 3:30 PM but it didn't actually start until about 5PM so we had a long, boring wait.

This is the smallest circus I've ever seen.... we're talking 1 ring. The total acts I recall seeing were lions, a female trapeze artist (very pretty), camels, a comenian with a whistle, very pretty blonde doing some stuff in the air, a young girl about 8, doing some stuff on a table (BTW, she was very good) and a elephant.

I think the elephant stole the show. This elephant came out to the ring by it's self and did an amazing show, then waved good by with it's trunk and left on it's own.

The comenian / clown was also very talented. The crowd loved his "we speak no americano" routine. He was very good at audience participation.

The price of popcorn, iceballs, cotton candy I though was a bit high at $6.00 each, so I didn't buy any.

Would I go back? Probably not because I feel the price @ $25 is a bit much for such a Small Circus. And I'm used to going to large circuses like barnum and bailey

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