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Caledonia Police Department Complaints - Police Officer Rude And Unfair

My neighbor keeps saying my dogs bark a lot, they don't bark a lot, they only bark a little. My dogs only barked a few seconds at someone near elevator and she called the cops on me. She has also tried to pin me for abuse and neglect before with no such luck and lies constantly about me and my dogs here.

This incident I had with police officer happened on January 13th, 2017. Because I would not answer the door for the police officer, who's name is Seth Louks, he claims that is why he gave me the citation for habitual barking. it is my right not to answer the door to a police officer unless they have a warrant or it is an emergency situation, those are also the only reasons why a police officer should try to force his way in here. He shook on the doorknob a lot and sounded like he was trying to get in.

After incident of finding out he slid a citation under my door, I called police station a few minutes later to explain. Cop insisted I was yelling at him and would not hear my explanation, instead, he hung up on me.

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