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I bought a used Alienware M14x that was less than a year old and within a few days of owning it I was forced to contact customer care because of dead pixels in the screen. I sent it in for repair and was told that they could not repair it so instead the computer would be replaced.
After a long wait, I received a refurbished Alienware 14 as a replacement. This computer was in poor condition strait out of the box. It had a chip out of the metal cover of the lid.
Seeing the condition of the computer, I called into support and requested extra warranty on the computer and was granted 30 days of warranty.
A little over 90 days has passed and the computer has gotten very little use yet still it has major problems. As of this righting, the computer’s GPU/graphics card had gone out, the power jack on the back swings wildly indicating that it is coming loose from the mainboard and there are pressure mark defects on the LCD screen.
Despite all these issues and the short amount of time that I have been in possession of the computer, every customer service person I have talked to has promptly told me “there is nothing to do because the computer is out of warranty” and refused to help me any further.
It is now clear to me that the $200 I will need to pay to get my computer fixed is more important to Dell and Alienware than a happy and loyal customer.

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