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M & T Bank Complaints - Put me in foreclosure status for no reason

My mortgage with Bank of America was transferred to M & T Bank in Jan 2012.
Almost immediately I had trouble. In mar 2012 M & T Bank sends me a letter stating that I had not paid my property taxes. They listed the parcal number and the property address. I saw the error immediately and informed them that the had the wrong property. That my property taxes were paid and up to dated. That the property listed with that parcel number was not mine.The name on my property is ANNIE PEARL - the name on the other property behind in their taxes is AMMIE PEA. But no one at M & T Bank had common sense to research this. So the automatically takes my property into forclosure for none payment of property taxes.

I have tried to rectify this problem but this bank has given me the run around. Talking with all kinds of reps. from every department within the bank and none of them being able to help you are give you viable information.

After a year I finally got them to see their error and now they don't want to pay me the money I'm still getting the run around. I can't beleive this is a bank. I have read so many compliants about this bank. A class action lawsuit should be started. They should be put out of business All I want is the refund of my monies paid for wrongly sending me into forclosure.

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