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Comcast Complaints - Repeatedly Reinstalls Defective HD-DVR Equipment

I have been a miserable customer of Comcast for about three years. The "DVR" cable equipment they provide is defective, and they know it, but they continue to replace it with equally defective equipment they claim has been repaired. This is either a bold-faced lie or they are totally incompetent at repairs.

As of this date, Comcast has been forced to replace my repeatedly defective HD-DVR twenty (20) times in three years. I have experienced repairmen that have actually LIED TO MY FACE and then skipped out to repairmen (3) who actually seemed to know what they were doing.

This HD-DVR issue could likely be permanently resolved by replacing these old technology HD-DVRs with their up to date assumably solid state "X1" equipment. But no. Comcast will be happy to keep replacing their old equipment weekly, but demand I pay $60.00 for them to replace their defective junk equipment with their new equipment.

Comcast actually does appear to hold all its individual customers in clear contempt on their assumption that any one individual customer is worthless. We should all look forward to the coming (2014) VERY, VERY low cost direct internet cable TV alternatives, and the real demise of customer-ignoring cable companies like Comcast.

I suspect it will be a joyful and extremely fast transition for the vast majority of Americans who are already very technologically savy.

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