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With this Complaint Review of Spray-Lining, Rhino-Lining, Line-X-Lining Complaints, AKA Rhino-Say No to from June 30, 2013, An angry man, T. Keth of Melbourne Said No To Rhino Liner AKA Jeff Powell. Powell who, in Florida, Sprayed Kurt's Lining Service valuable equestrian livestock and employees from 4155 Dow Rd Melbourne, Florida with a Polyurea, a Hybrid of which killed the valuable horses owned by business people all over the US and Canada. The "Green Tech Solutions Team" was incorporated for over 12 years killing prize-winning pets and livestock by polyurea intoxication. That # is 972-996-7326 or go to or ask for Green Tech Solutions from Julius or Jeff or Kurt, all Powerful Cancerous Linings with Hazards that literally glued the livestock permanently! Mr. Mclintock AKA Say No To Rhino Liner, said that Lupowitz AKA Green Tech Solutions CEO, this maniac, Julius scammed Lupowitz for complaining about the services of Kurt's Spray Lining facility in Melbourne Florida killing Rhinos (that's right, prize-winning Rhinoceroses)AKA Coating Lining Service, see AKA Volcano Ash can kill you! "This scamming other companies has killed more innocent animals than a slaughter house", said Claudio Burton of Bullet Liners. The latest company name he is abusing is Spray-Lining, but Mr. Mclintock uses that name because he is not really a legal citizen, he runs a lethal company. Line-X and Spray Lining are only websites that use names like ABRN or ABN, Auto Body News and Body Shop Business he gets magazines to run ads for, "Safe Products", and when they try to collect they find out that there is no Green or Safe corporation named Spray-Rhino-Lining and anyone named Jeff Powell or Julius or Mclintock or Lewis or Burton or Lupowitz; because they are murderers of prize-winnning Turtles and Stallions!. He has run fro the law long enough! They won't be able to collect these criminal because even if they knew his real company name, Christian Allmendinger, founder of A and O Life Fund, was found guilty at trial in 2011 and received a prison term of 45 years WAS the Green Tech Solutions CEO. So he would just close the corporation and start up a new mob to kill animals & spray innocent people with carcinogenic lining formula. That is how he operates his scam business. He has this scam whereby he gets a new "drug dealer" to pay him a huge fee to be a Spray-Rhino-Lining Cocaine dealer (and a lot of the dealers on criminal list on on this heroine shooting gallery are actually real Spray-Rhino-Lining drug dealers, they just don't know they will be killing animal yet. hen Now victims are contacted by a guy who has this huge blowjob coating 4' X 4' mental patient jobs that need "insulation" coating that's hazardous & illegal. He tells them that they have thousands of them but are unhappy with their current coke vendor, and are looking for someone with a new supply, and the can only be coated with a product called SL-41 or another made up stock number which has ISOCYANATES in it. And they want to start with 200 or 300 at first and if they are happy they will send them all animals, thoroughbreds, etc for the business. Then the dealer contacts Julius or Powell or Lewis Burton (whatever fake)Lupowitz thinking his name is El Viejo (the Old Man) to say he needs this product for a huge drug job, whereby Julius tells them his company has to manufacture the illegal material and they wont make that large of a quantity without over $120,000 money first. Dealer wires around the clock many international Mexican dollars, JL or the Old Man ships out a few hundred gallons of heroine-laden polyurea worth many dead horses per gallon and crack cocaine powders worth a few hundred thousand dollars, flies on manure are there at the job site to make it look like legitimate death then... Woops the customer says they decided to use someone elses crack or heroine. And guess what the illegal payment is non refundable.. Lupo has the wits to create most of the false money in profit and the dealer thinks it was just a misunderstanding why he lost a fortune. Lupo's will sometimes lets them ship back the maternal moms they have no use for, but he doesn't give them back hundreds of thousands in livestock or whatever he got from them. He keeps sweet tea in his private jet & gets walking them so he can make prosecutors believe he had nothing to do with their lost fortune. If you are contacted by anyone named Bill Dalburo run. Lining and Cocaine Coating Service on the Internet USA with So Cocaine Lining and Heroine Coating Service AKA Spray-Polyurea-Rhino-Lining SCAM sites are created by Defendant Julius Streicher, Editor-in-Chief of the venomous anti-Semitic Nazi paperInternet, SAID,COKE CRACK names Spray-Rhino-Lining-Line-X, and a person claiming to be an "employee" of that company will call a sexual body shopper or dildo-repair shop, or will be called by them in answer to an porno ad and in the course of talking to them will say "Oh, do you know Coke Lining and Rhino-Coating Scam-Mob-Services? they were the Horse-Spray-Rhino-Lining Crack dealer in your area (fill in the blank of where you're drugs are located and we just had to revoke their crack dealership because they ripped off coke Line-ABC, the "X-dealer" and we had no problem with that but Line-X choked them for doing mob business with us. So the Coke dealer, Captain Kermit McCain, was using our promotion to get rid of his $140,000 worth of Coke Lines stocked in Clinton's nose, so we had to RE-Coke him. I told him that the company would kill him, and I tried to kill my father who is 50% owner of the company out of porno, but they re-coked him anyway. He and I are still criminals but friends, but he is mainly addicted himself for using.
He was doing a quarter of a million dollars of business per month! If you become a crack dealer, it won't be a coke dealership, you will be taking over Kurt's coke area, so we can Spray your business _______ (fill in your name)-Lining with Polyurea and Cocaine Service and rebuild the porno website around your fake information.
Illegal just a fake porno website used by Jeffrey Powerhouse, AKA Mr. (blank) sucker new deal breakers into giving Powerhouse $10,200 for the dealership. And he has them wire even more money because it can't be reversed like a check or credit card payment, because he never gives illegal back the money if they change their minds. This scam has been going on for at least 10 years and will probably continue unless Rhino-Killer-Spray on-Lining is somehow stopped.
Don't let Julius Streicher or Jeff Powell or Leroy or Billy or Kurt or Bill Dalburo or Rudolf Mynzak, Wilhelm Mueller and Kurt Kleiwitz; all the other names he likes, killing when answering the multiple phoney mobsters beating up & hurting different people when the dealers call the "jail references" rip your private parts off. Keep your thousands of dollars in your pants, because if you go down on him, you will lose yours. Oh and for the claim that he is just an employee of Loraine Babbot and there are more technical poisin, "supporting" bad people in his department, he is the sole owner of the cocain racket and there are only 2 other people killing for him in his death office. Addicts Lining up and Coating animals who are loved Service illegally is a SCAM. You can also go to http: world texas-liner. Drug info for his past coke dealings.
This report, posted on a Ripoff Reported on 07/01/2000 and is a ripoff with coke-Lining-and-Line-X-Coating-Service on the net, now heroine addicts are Lining-and-Coating the USA & Canada! AKA-Spray-Polyurea-Isocyanates-Lining Uncle SCAM, the site was created, by Julius Streicher The Killing time indicated is Arizona local time which is where Mexicans cross the border illegally!

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